Health & Safety

We believe that we can achieve ZERO HARM! in our health and safety performance. Our employees, suppliers' and customers' employees – where ASM equipment is operated and maintained – deserve to work in environments and with equipment free of harm. We believe that all injuries and incidents are preventable and we continue to challenge our systems to make this belief a reality.

At ASM, we know that it takes a team to create a safe working environment. We foster a cooperative spirit throughout the company in order to strive for no harm or injury. At ASM, health and safety is everyone’s business. This includes management support and commitment and every employee setting aside sufficient time before each task to assess potential risks.

We maintain an industry-leading Recordable Injury Case Rate (RCR) that we continuously strive to improve.



At ASM, every employee has the right to STOP WORK for any safety reason, without any repercussions. This applies regardless of the location they are working at or circumstances they are working under. STOP WORK is an ASM employee right in any case of any safety concern.


We believe that prevention is key to a successful safety program. We strongly endorse a “Safety Management By Walking Around” and “Good Catch” program for all employees to participate in. This program encourages everybody to proactively look for and fix hazards in the working environment.​​

Please see our Corporate responsibility report for more information