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We need talented employees across many fields of interest – from R&D to IT and from Sales & services to Manufacturing. So whether you're just beginning your career or already an experienced professional, take a look at where you could shine.

Fields of interest


It all starts with R&D. This is where we invent new technologies; design and test new products; improve existing ones; and support the introduction of new products in the field. R&D is critical at ASM because of our strong focus on innovation.

Technology roadmap

R&D helps to discover the groundbreaking new technologies that support the semiconductor industry to advance along its technology roadmap toward a more sustainable world. By doing this we open up new possibilities for everyone to organize, create and share more of what they love. Our R&D work takes place in our own labs but also in collaboration with leading edge research institutes across the world.

Multidisciplinary skills

At ASM, we need people with expertise in physics, materials science, chemistry and chemical engineering, software and controls, electrical and mechanical engineering, mechatronics, system architecture and design, and many other disciplines. Teams work closely together, combining critical skills in a multidisciplinary environment.

People skills

Technical ability alone isn't enough. We need people who are brilliant with people. Great communication skills are vital. That's important in forming strong multidisciplinary teams, and because our success lies in working closely with our customers to better understand their needs and manage the complex introduction of new technology in their factory. We need team players with sharp minds to develop the products that will guarantee our future success.


"I expect innovation from everyone." Suvi who is recognized, globally, as a pioneering expert in Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) gives us an insight into her world.
Suvi, Executive Scientist

Available Vacancies
Global Product Support Engineer 0-5 years North America - Arizona - Phoenix Apply now
Supplier Quality Engineer I +10 years Asia - Singapore - Singapore Apply now
Senior Process Engineer I 0-5 years North America - Arizona - Phoenix Apply now
Software Engineer +10 years North America - Arizona - Phoenix Apply now
Senior Process Engineer I 0-5 years North America - Arizona - Phoenix Apply now
Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer I 5-10 years North America - Arizona - Phoenix Apply now
New College Graduate Program Europe (R&D) 0-5 years Europe - Belgium - Leuven Apply now
New College Graduate Program Europe (R&D) 0-5 years Europe - Finland - Helsinki Apply now
Product Support Engineer 0-5 years North America - Arizona - Phoenix Apply now
Executive Technologist +10 years Europe - Finland - Helsinki Apply now
Senior Global Product Support Engineer I 5-10 years North America - Arizona - Phoenix Apply now
Senior Global Product Support Engineer I 5-10 years North America - Arizona - Phoenix Apply now
Senior Electrical Engineer Ⅱ 5-10 years Asia - Korea - Cheonan-Si Apply now
Senior Equipment Engineer 0-5 years North America - Arizona - Phoenix Apply now
Senior Mechanical Engineer I 0-5 years North America - Arizona - Phoenix Apply now
Senior Mechanical Engineer I 0-5 years North America - Arizona - Phoenix Apply now
Senior Process Engineer I 0-5 years North America - Arizona - Phoenix Apply now
SOFTWARE ENGINEER, NEW COLLEGE GRAD +10 years North America - Arizona - Phoenix Apply now
Manager SQE +10 years Asia - Singapore - Singapore Apply now
Senior Field Process Engineer II 5-10 years North America - Idaho - Boise Apply now
Senior Process Engineer I 0-5 years North America - Arizona - Phoenix Apply now
Principal Engineer +10 years North America - Arizona - Phoenix Apply now
Principal Software Engineer 1 +10 years North America - Arizona - Phoenix Apply now
SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT LEAD ENGINEER +10 years North America - Arizona - Phoenix Apply now
Equipment Engineer 5-10 years Europe - Finland - Helsinki Apply now
Software Engineer II 0-5 years North America - Arizona - Phoenix Apply now
Senior Process Engineer I 0-5 years Asia - Korea - Cheonan-Si Apply now

Our customers demand perfection. In Manufacturing, we assemble the precision equipment for wafer processing, wafer assembly and packaging, and testing to deliver that perfection to them. The innovative ideas created in R&D are brought to life here by the prototypes we develop then refine and refine – with vital input from our customers – until they are ready for release.

Manufacturing the future

R&D never stops innovating so manufacturing always has to be ready to work with new materials and technologies, establishing the most efficient and reliable ways to create the new products that use them. That means increasing quality and delivering on time while reducing the costs of production and lead times. Ensuring that the manufacturing process remains as efficient as possible and can continue seamlessly without interruption.

Exacting requirements

Our customers, the world's leading manufacturers of semiconductors, have very specific and exacting requirements. The equipment we provide them is often custom-built to their precise individual specifications. And it has to be ready on time, every time. Is that a big enough challenge for you?

Wide range of skills

The tolerances are minuscule, the demands for ever-shorter lead times can be intense, and the expectations of our customers are high. We need people who have skills that range from welding and mechanics to knowledge of electrical circuitry and familiarity with mechanical, electrical and gas schematics.


We work as part of a larger team with experts drawn from a wide range of areas such as R&D, manufacturing, finance, legal, sales and services so we need great team players with strong interpersonal skills. But our work doesn't end with the finished product because we're expected to support the process of installation at one of our customer's sites.

So if you are results-driven, good at executing plans and a decision-maker, you will fit in here. If you enjoy coming up with creative solutions and challenging the existing ways of doing things, you will succeed here. And if you think 'why not me?' instead of 'why me?' you will do brilliantly here.

Building bridges to customers

XiaoFeng discusses how he supports collaboration and develops communication channels between all functions in ASM and their equivalents at ASM's customers.
XiaoFeng, Section Manager Assembly Manufacturing

Available Vacancies
Western Regional Service Manager +10 years North America - Arizona - Phoenix Apply now
Senior Manufacturing Quality Engineer I 0-5 years Asia - Singapore - Singapore Apply now
Manager, Production Planning 5-10 years Asia - Singapore - Singapore Apply now
Senior Supplier Development Engineer II +10 years North America - Arizona - Phoenix Apply now
Sales & services

Great relationships – a successful sales & services organization like ours is all about building great relationships. Everything we do is based on them. We begin by listening to our customers and understanding all their needs and expectations before letting them know what we can do for them. Every one of our customers is unique. They each have very specific needs so we stay proactive in order to keep their satisfaction levels high.

The first port of call

We are on the front line. We are the first port of call for all customer challenges. Sales & services is a global support organization maintaining ASM equipment at all our customer sites. We handle anything from tool maintenance procedures to high-level productivity enhancements. Our spares organization has a global network of inventory strategically located to keep our customers' tools up and running 24x7.

Identifying opportunities

Our sales force is constantly identifying opportunities with existing and new customers. We understand market trends and technology roadmaps so that we’re ideally placed to pre-empt customer needs and translate them into sales. We need people who can cultivate identified sales opportunities, develop strategic campaigns, and make presentations to senior management on market developments and customer expectations.

Solving challenges

Our support teams focus on solving customer challenges, maintaining their equipment and ensuring they get spare parts as soon as possible, but their wider objective is to support our customers' business goals. Great customer relationships and communications mean that we can take a much deeper role by helping to optimize results, on-site, enabling our customers to become more productive.

Technical and people skills

Our global Sales & services representatives have a solid technical knowledge of our products and technologies. They understand them intimately. But they also possess exceptional people skills, particularly in interpersonal communications, that they need to work closely in successful partnerships both with our customers and with internal teams within ASM. They thrive when meeting the demands of our customers whether they're in one of our regional fast response teams or supporting customers as a process support engineer, field service engineer or in field service administration. Does this sound like you?

The magic of ASM

Alex talks about the 'magic' of working at ASM – both the advanced technology that ASM creates and the great people he works with every day.
Alex, Manager Equipment Services

Available Vacancies
Global Product Support Engineer II 0-5 years North America - Arizona - Phoenix Apply now

Our leading edge products and technologies require leading edge marketing. We need brilliant thinkers and enthusiastic communicators to help us promote ASM and its product portfolio, define the technology roadmap for the future and support sales in customer campaigns.

Corporate marketing

We divide our marketing activities into two areas – corporate marketing and product marketing. Corporate marketing is responsible for market analysis, identifying trends and developing strategic assessments feeding into ASM's wider business strategy development. It is also responsible for all ASM marketing communications and external communications.

Product marketing

We also determine the product strategy and commercial offering for our systems and support the marketing of our Plasma and Thermal product lines to our customers across the world. Keeping them up to date on our latest innovations and refinements and involving them early in the 'co-creation' of new products.

Aligning our products with our customers' needs

In order to keep improving our products, we integrate product feedback from our customers based on their day-to-day experience with them and their performance requirements as they evolve. This initiates new projects within ASM and creates new assignments for R&D. We need people who can ensure that our product portfolio always stays closely aligned with our customers' technology roadmaps.

Supporting sales

The product marketing manager for each of our product lines is supported by regional marketing support people who are the interface for local sales. We support the sales organization through providing customer visits and expert technical presentations for existing products, new product introductions and by feeding back next-generation product requirements.

'On time' delivery

We create quotes and order specifications for systems and retrofits. Once our customers place an order, we create the bill of material for manufacturing in Singapore so they can plan, order, manufacture and ship it.

Have you got what it takes to help us market ASM and our products in a world where customer expectations get ever higher and lead times ever shorter?


Doug explains about marketing Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) technology and the benefits of working at such a diverse, global company like ASM.
Doug, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Available Vacancies
Global Product Support Engineer II 0-5 years North America - Arizona - Phoenix Apply now
Operational Excellence & sustainability

Operational excellence and sustainability are at the heart of ASM's operations. Whether your role is in ensuring that we meet the highest professional standards, putting safety first to reduce harm to our people or minimizing our impact on the environment, you'll find ASM is fully committed to making sure you succeed. It's in all of our interests.

Operational excellence

Operational excellence represents a wide range of business improvement activities across the organization, helping to bring ASM to a world-class position. The goal is to improve overall results and our capability for long-term success.

We need the very best people who constantly strive for breakthrough levels of performance. This requires both a strong desire to win and a capability for great teamwork and collaboration across all areas of our company.


ASM is committed to the Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) Code of Conduct, which includes stringent requirements for ethics, labor, health, safety and the environment. We continuously strive to meet its goals on a global basis and are engaging our supply chain to do the same. We have a certified global Environmental Management System to drive continuous improvement in environmental performance across all of our operations.

Health and safety

Everyone at ASM is committed to 'zero harm'. We believe all injuries are preventable, and through every ASM employee's commitment, we strive for a 'zero injury' work environment. We need people who share our passion for health and safety to make this happen. We have maintained industry-leading safety performance and believe we can continue to improve even further. Every one of our people has the right to 'Stop Work', for any safety reason, without repercussions, and regardless of location or circumstance.

Do you have the drive and determination to help us reach even greater heights as a company?

'Zero harm'

Carrie talks about the exciting challenge of getting everyone in ASM to think 'safety first' to support our goal to be the industry leader in her area.
Carrie, Manager EHS

Available Vacancies
Senior Supplier Quality Engineer II +10 years North America - Arizona - Phoenix Apply now
Supply Chain

Can you help us to maintain the worldwide operations that ensure our manufacturing plants get a reliable supply of equipment and spares to customers anywhere in the world? Are you ready to find leaner, greener, and quicker ways to get the materials we need into manufacturing and into the products we create for our customers? Can you take on the responsibility of setting an example to our suppliers by demonstrating ASM's strong environmental awareness?

High volume manufacturing

Our manufacturing groups work closely with the business units to launch newly-developed products into high volume manufacturing. In the supply chain, our focus is on improving lead times and reducing cost by leveraging good relationships with suppliers for all products in the ASM product portfolio. That takes great decision-making and a strong focus on getting great results.

Efficiency and improvements

When new products are introduced, we drive efficiency and other operational improvements. How do we do this? By ensuring standardization of parts and platforms across all products, optimizing manufacturing flows by bringing modularity in the build cycle, merging in transit concepts, and focusing especially on engineering structures to support make or buy decisions. The overall goal is simple – keep our global manufacturing operations running smoothly.

Greener alternatives

We are constantly looking for ways in which we can find greener alternatives in our supply chain to ensure we work in the most sustainable ways. That means examining every step in the process to identify opportunities, and developing relationships with suppliers who can help us meet our challenging goals.

Have you got the openness and creativity to think in new ways to make breakthroughs in the supply chain? Does this sound like an exciting challenge that would test you and you would love to take on?

Smart supply chain

Ken explains how ASM uses its supply chain in smart ways to drive growth and gain a competitive advantage.
Ken, Vice President Global Supply Chain Management

Available Vacancies
EFT Manager 5-10 years Asia - Singapore - Singapore Apply now
Purchasing Manager +10 years Asia - Singapore - Singapore Apply now
Senior Buyer 5-10 years Asia - Singapore - Singapore Apply now
Commodity Manager 5-10 years North America - Arizona - Phoenix Apply now

Finance helps develop innovative solutions to support ASM's world-class business meet its long-term goals. It takes plenty of smart thinking and initiative to help us maintain our leading position and add real value so we're interested in people who can really deliver.

Have you got what it takes to ensure that we can execute our mission and strategy while keeping us on a firm financial footing given the cyclical nature of our industry? Can you help ensure we have effective and efficient processes throughout the organization?

Hard data, soft skills

While we need people who have a naturally brilliant grasp on numbers, that isn't enough on its own. We also need our financial people to keep ASM's broader business goals in mind, stay focused on the future and, above all, be great communicators. After all, it's people that make the difference, not spreadsheets.

Can you make a convincing and persuasive case, based on accurate data, to senior managers to ensure a project stays on track? Have you got the drive to bring about a process improvement outside your own area of responsibility? How good are you at evaluating business cases prepared by R&D for advanced research or by sales managers to convert prospects into purchases?

Wide variety of roles

Finance is involved as a partner supporting a wide range of business functions to make the right decisions. You might provide key recommendations to a business unit on setting the price for a new product. You might implement a new global process that helps to improve ASM's effectiveness. Or you might initiate a cost reduction program based on insights you uncovered during financial analysis.

In all aspects of your work, you will be translating ASM's overall financial objectives into specific, concrete actions while working closely and cooperatively with the relevant business owners. Are you ready to take on this challenge and excel?

No two days are the same

Craig explains how ASM is using Finance as a key tool to support business success in a wide range of areas.
Craig, Finance Director Thermal Products

Available Vacancies

At ASM we have an established track record for innovation so it's no surprise to find that our IT people are equally creative and innovative. We need people who can keep finding new ways to ensure we get our groundbreaking technologies and products to market fast. That means providing smart information and communication services to ASM across the world. Can you find the next quantum leap in IT that will help us maintain our competitive advantage?

Strategic role

At the highest level, IT stays fully informed about the direction the business wants to go in and provides the best systems and applications to support it on its journey. Working in a matrix organization, our IT business partners also make it their job to know the business plans of the various groups that we support. That enables us to develop an IT roadmap specifically tailored for them to support them to meet their goals.

Larger IT projects

You may be involved in larger projects like implementing a CRM system for our sales force to help them automate their sales process, making it more efficient and productive. You could be working with Manufacturing to help introduce new planning solutions for assembly operation. Or you could be assisting our Finance shared service center with innovative ideas to help them process payments for the whole of ASM. Whatever your work, you will be focused on ensuring that everyone in ASM can collaborate more freely and has the business data they need right at their fingertips.

Supporting a global business

Our Global IT support center based in Singapore provides the systems that connect all of ASM's people and processes. Ensuring that everyone in ASM uses the same systems to achieve their everyday goals. Any IT issues are flagged to our global help desk, a ticket raised and issues resolved using a combination of central and local support on the ground.


As a global business, we support ASM's people in the US, Europe and Asia, across three main time zones, dealing with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. IT is where technology and people meet so you will need to be equally good with both in order to meet our wider business goals.

What we look for

We want people who thrive in a dynamic and changing environment. Brilliant technical skills are essential but equally important is an ability to relate to business problems and to provide a range of solutions to them. We need open-minded people who like working in a multicultural environment and have strong communications skills as a critical part of the job involves simply listening, understanding and sharing. If this sounds like you then we'd like to hear from you.


Ron explains how ASM's state-of-the-art IT solutions help our people across the world to collaborate successfully to create the 'cool stuff' that we make.
Ron, Senior Project Manager Global Applications

Available Vacancies
Senior Manager, Global IT (Head of Information Management, Reporting & Analytics) +10 years Asia - Singapore - Singapore Apply now
Senior IT Analyst I 5-10 years Asia - Singapore - Singapore Apply now
SAP Basis Section Manager +10 years Asia - Singapore - Singapore Apply now
Team Lead - FICO +10 years Asia - Singapore - Singapore Apply now

To be able to drive innovation and deliver excellence we need to attract, develop, excite and reward exceptional talent. For that we need true HR professionals. We need people who can support our highly educated employees to create new breakthroughs in a global environment.

Attracting and retaining the best

We’re not the only employer wanting to recruit and retain the sort of unique high caliber people we need at ASM. Everyone wants them. Our people are highly sought after across the world and are targeted by all our competitors as well as other industries. So it’s no surprise that we have to compete strongly and intelligently to attract them to work here and then invest to keep them inspired, engaged and motivated once they join us

Brilliant minds, strong opinions

Brilliant minds don’t have an ‘off’ switch. When you are dealing with some of the most intelligent people on the planet you have to be prepared to be able to convince them and get their buy-in. They’re not the sort of people who take ‘no’ for an answer (which is exactly why we want them here in the first place). Do you have what it takes to win them over? Do you understand what it is that keeps them motivated?

A volatile world

Our industry is volatile with clear up and down cycles driven by the performance of the world economy. We’re usually the first into a cycle and the first out. So in our industry HR also means striving to retain a stable workforce with a unique critical knowledge base in a very dynamic world. Do you think you have what it takes to create certainty out of uncertainty?

Global and diverse

We have always been a global organization. We believe it makes us stronger but it’s not without its challenges. HR strategy and policies need to work smoothly for different people from different cultures based in different countries across the world. This requires empathy, understanding and a broad outlook to ensure that solutions work for everyone. Are you the sort of person who has the qualities we need to succeed?


Arjen explains how ASM keeps people curious and excited by their work.
Arjen, Human Resources Manager Europe

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