On March 02, 2017, ASMI announced that its Management Board authorized an increase in the 2016-2017
share buyback program to €100 million.

On October 26, 2016, ASMI announced a share buyback program to be executed within the 2016-2017 time frame. As part of this program, ASMI will pu​rchase shares which it intends to cancel upon repurchase. In addition, ASMI will purchase​, as part of this program, shares to cover employee s​tock and stock option plans.

The share buyback will be realized through a program executed by intermediaries through on-exchange purchases or through off-exchange trades and will end on completion of the program, but ultimately on November 24, 2017. ASMI will update the markets on the progress of the share buyback program on a weekly basis. A spreadsheet with an overview including transaction details of the 2016-2017 share buyback program can be found below. The program started​ on December 13, 2016.

The maximum number of shares to be repurchased on any given day will not exceed 25% of the average daily trading volume on the regulated market on which purchases are made, calculated over the last 20 trading days before the date of repurchase. The program does not include the repurchase of ASMI's New York Registry Shares.

Weekly update

April 24: In the week starting with April 17, 2017, we repurchased 31,500 shares at an average price of EUR 50.54.

Of the total program, 48.1% has been repurchased.​

Share buy back program | 0.46MB

Repurchase up to EUR 100 million in the 2016-2017 time frame​

Announced March 02, 2017

Of the total program, 48.1% has been repurchased.​​​​​​​​​​​​

Note: as of April 18, 2017, settlement amounts of the share repurchases are reported. The previously reported data (gross amounts) of the 2016-2017 share buyback program have been retrospectively adjusted.

For previous share buyback programs, pl​ease visit this page.​​​​​