Intrepid​​​​​​​® ES™​ Epitaxy

​​The Intrepid​​​® ES™ is our most advanced epitaxy dep​osition tool. It is designed for the most critical 300mm a​pplications for advanced transistors and memories.


Available processes include Silicon (Si), Silicon-Germanium (SiGe), Silicon Phosphorus ​(SiP) and other Silicon-based compounds used for transistor strain and channel layers. Strained Silicon is a silicon layer in which the atoms are stretched beyond their normal interatomic distance, allowing higher electron mobility. This results in faster transistor switching at lower power.



Isothermal reactor environment in which the wafer is processed, which provides consistent and repeatable temperature control across the wafer and wafer-to-wafer.

Innovative closed loop reactor control technology that enables optimal within wafer and wafer-to-wafer process performance.

Up to four Intrepid process modules can be configured together on ASM’s common XP cluster platform to increase productivity.

Integrated pre-clean using ASM Previum® process module is available for pre-epi surface preparation.


  • Improved film performance, within-wafer uniformity and enhanced reactor stability for wafer-to-wafer consistency;
  • Multi-wafer processing before a required clean cycle, enabling industry highest throughput;
  • High deposition rates and process control at low temperatures;
  • Precise lamp heating with individual lamp controls for excellent temperature uniformity;
  • One- piece, low volume chamber design;
  • Vacuum tight, high-speed gas distribution to deliver superior film performance and low metal contamination.


  • CMOS transistor channel layers using epitaxial silicon, silicon germanium and pure germanium;
  • Strained silicon epitaxy​​​ layers such as silicon germanium to form the source and drain regions of advanced Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor CMOS transistors;
  • Silicon epitaxy layers for advanced 3D-NAND and DRAM applications;
  • Germanium layers for optoelectronic devices.