Executive Commitment Statement

ASM was founded in the Netherlands at the birth of the semiconductor industry over 50 years ago. We have always seen ourselves as a global company and today we have operations throughout Europe, North America and Asia with a presence in 14 different countries. As a trul​y global citizen, our vision for our company includes a commitment to making the world a better place.

We are committed to making positive contributions to society and striving for zero harm to people and our planet. This is the foundation of our commitment to improve the communities and industry we operate in. We are a part of a fast-paced industry that continues to reshape the world. Our technology enables the semiconductor industry to drive innovation in communications, energy, transport, medicine and beyond. All of these have significant positive impacts on our planet and society and can enable a world dedicated to “Zero Harm”. We are proud to play a key part in something so exciting and with such positive change to our planet.

As a truly global citizen, our vision for our company includes a commitment to making the world a better place.

​​We are making positive contributions in what we do. We have a certified global environmental management system to drive continuous improvement in environmental performance across all of our operations. We are committed to the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) ​Code of Conduct and will strive to meet its goals as best we can on a global basis. We are engaging our supply chain to do the same. We continue to focus on and enable the achievement of smaller device geometries which will enable even greater advances and opportunities in communications, energy, medicine and the positive advances of humanity.

At ASM we know that meeting the needs of today does not mean compromising the future. From all ASM employees and myself, we encourage you to join us in our commitment to make positive contributions to people, environment and society, by “Driving Innovation” and “Delivering Excellence” in sustainability.​​

Benjamin Loh
President & CEO ​​​​​​