Mission & Strategy

Our mission and vision guide all of our activities while our strategy outlines our specific current efforts to realize them.


ASM's mission is to provide our customers with the most advanced, cost-effective, and reliable products, service and global support network in the semiconductor i​ndustry and beyond. We bring forward the adoption of our technology platforms by developing new materials and process applications that progressively align us with our customers' long-term technology roadmaps.


We aim to delight our customers, employees and shareholders by driving innovation with new technologies and delivering excellence with dependable products. By doing this, we'll create new possibilities for everyone to understand, create and share more of what they love.


Our strategic objective is to realize profitable, sustainable growth by capitalizing on our technological innovatio​ns, manufacturing infrastructure and sales and support offices located close to our global customers. The key elements of our strategy include:

  • Further streamlining our wafer processing (Front-end) manufacturing by systematically reducing manufacturing costs through global sourcing and consolidating our product platforms;
  • Maintaining our global reach through our global operating, sales and customer service organization and its facilities in key parts of the world, in order to establish and maintain long-term customer relationships;
  • Leveraging our combined strong wafer processing (Front-end) and assembly & packaging (Back-end) technology leadership and manufacturing capabilities through advancements in our products and processes early in the technology lifecycle;
  • Expanding the scope and depth of our research and development capabilities through strategic alliances with independent research institutes, universities, customers and suppliers, and expanding our patent portfolio where it is necessary and beneficial. ​​