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Want to know more about what it's like to work for ASM? Find out more about the company including our culture, our commitment to diversity and our vision for a better world. Who better to let you know exactly what kind of a company we are than our own employees?​

Inside ASM

Learn the essentials about ASM with our 'at a glance' guide which brings together all the facts and figures you need in one attractive graphic.

Innovation driven

At ASM, innovation isn't just in our breakthrough research it's everywhere helping to create a world of new possibilities.

Corporate Responsibility

As a truly global citizen, our vision for ASM includes a commitment to making the world a better place.

Meet our experts

What makes working at ASM so special? Our experts reveal why in these videos. You can also get an insider’s view of their ASM fields of interest and product lines.

Culture & Diversity

It's challenging, exciting and about using your initiative – it's our company culture. At ASM, we say that 'difference is what makes a difference'. Learn how we value diversity.