Our role in the world

At ASM, we take pride in ​being responsible corporate citizens. Good corporate citizenship is good business. It means respect for our employees, our partners, our customers, and our neighbors.

It means minimizing our environmental footprint and making safety our number one priority. It means respect for the law, but more than that it means integrity whenever we engage with stakeholders. This demands a strict adherence to our code of ethics, which provides clear guidance to all employees.

Our social and environmental responsibility isn’t just an ASM concern, it embraces the wider world.

ElecTronics Industry Citizenship Coalition

We are committed to the Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) tenets to conduct our business responsibly in all areas of Environment, Health & safety, Labor, Ethics and Supply chain.

Our Corporate Responsibility policy

ASM is committed to making positive contributions to achieve 'zero harm' to our people and planet. Our commitment to 'zero harm' aligns with our core value "Safety First and Everywhere" and our guiding principle "Drive Innovation, Deliver Excellence."

We are committed to conducting business, both in our own operations and throughout our supply chain, in a manner consistent with the Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) tenets to protect our employees, customers, communities, shareholders and the environment.

We strive to earn the trust of all stakeholders through responsible and ethical corporate practices.

We are committed to an innovative framework during the design, manufacture, distribution and support of our products that meets or exceeds all applicable regulations in order to minimize environmental impact and to prevent occupational illness or injury.

We will establish objectives to improve our management systems, standards, culture and performance. We will conduct periodic reviews of our programs and performance, and regularly and transparently update the world on our progress.


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Taking it personally

“I believe that the problems we’ve made in the world we can solve with technology. Take, for example, the environmental issues that face us right now. The technology we develop can help everyone save energy by making devices more energy-efficient. Technology has a responsibility not only to give people what they want, but to encourage them to live more environmentally-friendly lifestyles. Not every innovation will work. But if it doesn’t work then it provides us with a lesson that tells us how we can improve.”
Shang, Senior Process Engineer