The next step

If you're an experienced professional, we can provide you with that all-important next step in your career. Like most large companies, we provide career opportunities for dedicated specialists in our specific areas of expertise such as semiconductor wafer processing technologies and equipment. But we also have opportunities for a wider range of other specialisms, in areas you might not immediately think of, such as manufacturing, sales and services, marketing, operational excellence and sustainability, supply chain, finance, IT and HR.​


There are thousands of individual reasons for making that next career move to ASM. You know you are ready for a new challenge, but what are the specific factors that might pull you towards ASM? Here are three typical reasons why experienced people join us.


Time after time, people tell us that what attracts them to work here is our emphasis on innovation and the opportunity to use their personal initiative. And it's true, innovation is in the ASM DNA. You might expect that from a company responsible for many of the technologies that are now standard in semiconductor manufacturing. What you might not expect is that innovation isn't just confined to research, it's everywhere. At ASM, we trust you to use your initiative and challenge yourself to see how far you can go.


While others have their headquarters in one country and a few sales and marketing offices dotted across the world, we've been global since we were founded in 1968. It's how we were designed.

Our headquarters is in the Netherlands. Research takes place in Finland, Belgium, and South Korea. Manufacturing and our Global Center of Excellence are located in Singapore. Business Unit Development and Support is found in Japan, the United States, and across Europe.

We offer you great opportunities to work in multicultural and multidisciplinary teams and potential opportunities to work in different locations across the world within the ASM family.


Do you look around your current employer and wonder where your next opportunity will come from? Do you see the position you want, but know it's unlikely to become free any time soon? It's natural to consider alternatives when your career path is unclear or blocked.

At ASM, we're good at generating opportunities because of our dynamic environment. We work at every stage of the semiconductor manufacturing process and we have strong bases in Europe, America and Asia. We're acknowledged experts in several different wafer processing technologies and we're a world leader in research and development of promising new technologies like ALD. All of this creates plenty of opportunities for you.​

Unique solutions

Wallence talks about how ASM’s technology provides unique solutions to customers for their devices.
Wallence, Advanced Technology Development Manager

More to come

"Over the past 13 years I have filled quite a few very different roles in the company, and I’ve always felt challenged to continue my personal development. ASM has provided me with opportunities, not because of my education, experience or qualifications for the job, but because they believed I had the potential and the ambition to be successful in that job. That has stimulated me to grow as a person and professionally, which I appreciate very much. ASM has already offered me many opportunities, and although I don’t know what is still ahead, for me I’m sure there will be more to come."
Dirk, IT Business Partner – HR