What does ASM do?

ASM is a leading, global supplier of semiconductor wafer fab equipment. Our smart and ambitious team is dedicated to delivering innovative technology solutions to the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers. With over 2,200 employees based in 16 countries, including the United States, Netherlands, Belgium, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan. Together we work to develop thin-film deposition technologies for our customers through epitaxy, ALD, PEALD, vertical furnaces and PECVD. Our goal is to remain an industry leader by being ahead of what’s next. Focusing on finding collaborative solutions to make integrated circuits, or chips, smaller, faster and even more powerful.

Where are ASM offices located?

We've always been a global company. We have our global HQ in Europe in Almere, the Netherlands. We have regional bases in North America in Phoenix, Arizona; in the Tokyo area of Japan and in Seoul in South Korea in Asia and we have our main R&D facilities in Helsinki, Finland and Leuven in Belgium in Europe. We have our main Manufacturing and Sales & Services hub in Singapore. We are also present in France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, China, Malaysia and Taiwan. In addition, some of our employees are based directly at our customers' sites around the world.

When was ASM founded?

In 1968, at the very outset of the global semiconductor industry, entrepreneur Arthur del Prado established ASM in the Netherlands. Acclaimed as the "father of the European semiconductor equipment industry", his contributions to the industry are legendary. Guided by his unique pioneering vision of how the industry would develop, ASM began to sell its own wafer processing equipment for semiconductor manufacturers.

Where can i apply for a position?

You'll find a list of our available positions on the Join us page. You can use the filtering to search by role, experience, location and many other criteria to get the right matches for you. Clicking on a job title will then bring up a complete job description for each role. If you find a position that is of interest to you please apply online.

I don't see a job i want to apply for right now, what can i do?

The best thing to do is make an open application telling us the sort of role you are looking for. We'll keep your details on file and contact you if something becomes available. Just click here to make an application.

What's it like to work at ASM?

Good question. Why not hear from our own employees what they think about life at ASM? Click here for the inside story.

What is the ASM culture like?

We separate ourselves from our competitors by working diligently to be open-minded, good communicators and honest in all transactions with colleagues and clients. We are collaborating, creating, and delivering on our vision – a shared vision to drive innovation with new technologies and by delivering excellence in our products.

Why should i choose ASM over other companies?

Want to find out the top reasons that people come and stay at ASM? Just click here.

Is everybody welcome at ASM?

From our earliest days, we have valued the diverse range of insights and opinions that come from across the world. We welcome all applicants and employees regardless of age, disability, gender or sexual orientation. Your contribution and ideas will make a difference. In fact, "difference" is what makes a difference at ASM.

What sort of roles do you hire for?

To succeed in a highly competitive world, we need talented people for a wide range of disciplines including R&D, manufacturing, sales & services, marketing, operational excellence & sustainability and our supply chain management as well as finance, IT and HR. Whether you're just beginning your career or are an experienced professional, you could shine here.

What type of career paths do you offer?

At ASM, we believe in offering careers, not just positions. Every position is different. However, we have technical, managerial, technical expert, project management and product management career paths at ASM.

Will i have to travel?

ASM is a global company with offices in North America, Europe and Asia. The need for travel is based on your individual role. Some people need to travel often to visit our offices and our customer sites while others only travel infrequently or not at all. Please ask HR or the hiring managers about the travel requirements for the position you're interested in.

Do you run a graduate program?

Yes. On our ASM Accelerate program you'll be working alongside great minds in the electronics industry to overcome some of our toughest scientific challenges. Click here for more details.

Do you offer internships?

Yes, we do. Our internships typically form part of a university beta program at undergraduate or postgraduate degree level. We don't invite a fixed number of interns to join us each year but, instead, we select people based on the quality of their application to us. Typically an internship period runs for 6 months and it may be extended further as part of a thesis or graduation program. Click here for more details.

What is you track record on the environment like?

At ASM, we take pride in being responsible corporate citizens. Good corporate citizenship is good business. It means respect for our employees, our partners, our customers, and our neighbors. It means minimizing our environmental footprint and making safety our number one priority. It means respect for the law but more than that it means integrity whenever we engage with stakeholders.

What type of starting salaries and benefits do you offer?

While we fine-tune our compensation and benefits packages to match local market conditions, our approach is similar across the world. We set our pay and benefits in line with the rates in the semiconductor industry.