Make your mark

We welcome the opportunity to give young, talented people the chance to show us what they can achieve while giving them an insight into our world. Take this chance to really make your mark.


At ASM, we’ve had extremely positive experiences with the ambitious interns who have shared their time with us. We’re convinced that internships are valuable to both them and to us.

How we choose interns

Our internships typically form part of a university beta program at undergraduate or postgraduate degree level. We don’t invite a fixed number of interns to join us each year but, instead, we select people based on the quality of their application to us. Typically an internship period runs for six months and it may be extended further as part of a thesis or graduation program.

Types of internships

Most of our internships take place in one of our engineering-orientated departments but they are not limited to engineering. Our Project Management, IT, Finance, HR or Procurement departments may also offer internships based on the profile and maturity of the people applying for an internship.

Who we look for

We’re looking for ambitious and talented people who have excellent study results, have an international orientation, thrive in a multicultural organization, have great flexibility, and enjoy a motivational level that is best described as ‘passionate’. Being ‘fired up’ isn’t enough, we also want our interns to have a very specific vision on their personal development and on what they want to achieve. We want people who truly want to make a difference together with us.

How to apply

Please contact us here to register your interest in an internship with ASM ensuring that you know exactly what you want to achieve and telling us how you think you will fit in. There is an option to upload your resume or CV – please include your motivation, availability and details of any publications on it. ​