New college graduate program

As a new PhD in technology, you’re eager to make your mark at the frontiers of science and ASM needs your critical mind and new ideas. You are our future. Our intensive graduate program puts you on the fast track in a leading global R&D organization. Our goal is to cultivate and nurture the next wave of technical experts and management of ASM.

This program is designed to give you the resources, freedom and support to reach the top. You’ll be at the leading edge of the innovation process, working alongside the greatest minds in the semiconductor industry to overcome some of our toughest scientific challenges.


For the first 2-3 years, you will be located at Helsinki, Finland or Leuven, Belgium. You will then apply your advanced knowledge within one of our product lines across the world.


We are seeking talented new PhD graduates in physics, physical chemistry, chemistry, materials science or engineering – preferably with a thesis related to semiconductors or adjacent industries. If your grade score average is in the top 25% of your class and you have a strong affinity with semiconductor technologies, our intensive new college graduate program offers a great opportunity to get a flying start to your career.


What makes you an ideal candidate?

  • You understand semiconductors – you know how wafer processing equipment works, the chemistries of advanced processes and the physics of semiconductor devices and materials;
  • You have an understanding of ethics and IP regulations;
  • You are open and flexible – you thrive in different cultures, quickly learn new skills and want to be a driving force in global teams;
  • You are mobile – you are initially willing to relocate to our Corporate R&D centers in Finland or Belgium and then relocate to our business units in Phoenix (USA), Almere (Netherlands), Tokyo/Nagaoka (Japan) and Seoul (South Korea);
  • You follow through with a critical mindset – from new ideas to development to implementation;
  • You are assertive and take charge – you want to take a leadership role and accept the responsibility of solving problems and getting results;
  • You communicate well – you can clearly and simply express advanced concepts, both verbally and in writing.


A career with ASM can take you to far corners of the world. You’ll be part of a company internationally recognized for new technologies and products that help semiconductor manufacturers make ‘chips’ faster, cheaper and more powerful within shorter life cycles. Creating the semiconductors used in everything from healthcare to transport to entertainment systems to smartphones. And you will have the opportunity to solve key issues on the semiconductor industry’s roadmap.


You will work on challenging process development projects at the same time as taking internal and external training. After some time you will be assigned your own projects where you can use your creative abilities to overcome tough, technical obstacles and drive new R&D breakthroughs.

With a mentor from the business unit and expert partner, you will work with other talented researchers from around the world, contributing your unique knowledge and insights to open up new pathways. By actively following industry developments, you will be able to signal new trends and opportunities that are important to ASM.​


Currently we have the following job openings:

NCG in Helsinki, Finland Apply now​​​​

NCG in Leuven, Belgium Apply now​​​​​​​​​​

Pushing it further

"When I was working on my college graduate project, the CTO came to the university and talked about the New College Graduate Program and the opportunities at ASM. It sounded very attractive, and a few months after my graduation I ended up here in Leuven. The idea of the program is that you work in corporate R&D with business units all around the world so you have a global feel of ASM. And you work on new technologies at the edge of technology, trying to push it further and further."
Robin, Process Engineer