One step further

When you're looking to make the crucial first step in a career that might last over four decades, what are the most important factors to look out for?

Your future

At ASM, you'll be working in an industry based on Moore's Law, which states that the number of transistors on a chip will double roughly every two years. To put that in perspective, if Moore's Law applied to the car industry, cars would do 100,000 miles to the gallon (100,000 km on 2.8 liters) and it would be cheaper to buy a Rolls Royce than park it! But this isn’t just accepted as normal in semiconductors, consumers expect it too.


Moore's Law is a tough goal for our industry to meet but it's a challenge we readily accept. It means we're always based around 'new'. New technologies that have never been seen before and new products to deliver them. That means new solutions for semiconductor manufacturers so they stay on the industry roadmap. It means working in a company where new challenges come every day. Our graduates think that's pretty exciting.​


Grace Lei and Jeong-jun talk about the different ways they both support external and internal ASM customers.
Grace Lei, Senior IT System Analyst Jeong-Jun, Process Engineer


It's a good idea to begin your career in a company where there are plenty of opportunities to create your own individual career path. You want to find a place where you can develop to the best of your abilities.


You'll be joining a global family that stretches from Arizona in the USA up to Helsinki in Finland and over to Tokyo in Japan, along with many other places. Whatever your specialism, you may find yourself spending time at ASM offices or customer sites all across the world.


We are pioneers of many of the technologies used today as standard in semiconductor manufacturing. With our track record, we create new career opportunities all the time. Right now our Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) technology is creating a new generation of product platforms and processes.


We were founded in the Netherlands, but we now have a presence in 14 countries. So although we have a very diverse workforce, we have a Dutch spirit at heart.


That means we are receptive to openness. Using your personal initiative and speaking your mind as part of your contribution to teamwork are welcomed here. At ASM, we're not as stuffy and formal as other companies can be. Many of our graduates welcome how approachable and down-to-earth people are here.


Although we all share very clear and challenging team goals, there's still a strong acceptance of individuality and cultural differences. You can still be you and part of the larger ASM team.​