Go further with ASM

We'll support you to continue developing your expertise in your own field of interest and to grow as a team player contributing to wider company goals. We want you to go as far as your skills, hard work and passion can take you.

Career development

We believe that we can only be successful and grow our business by supporting and facilitating our people to develop as fast and as far as they are able. With that in mind, we've created an environment where they are challenged to maximize their talents within a high performance culture.​

Involved from the start

Keisuke explains that the key to motivation and engagement at ASM is the way it involves its people right from the start.
Keisuke, Senior Human Resources​ Officer


As soon as you start within ASM we will support you in getting up to speed through our onboarding program. That means local mentors in your business area will help you to get a thorough and detailed understanding of our leading edge products.

But knowledge specific to your own area of expertise is only part of what you’ll need to succeed. We also need our people to be successful within multidisciplinary teams and in a customer environment. That requires that you develop product knowledge, very specific technical knowledge in your research area and strong communication skills. We need you to develop your emotional intelligence to go hand in hand with your intellectual excellence.


After you are up to speed within ASM, we'll invest in your development further through our global Talent development program. This innovative program focuses on identifying your talents and providing ongoing assessment. It includes performance evaluation and development, succession planning, and learning and development programs specifically tailored to you.


We strongly believe in offering everyone a career, not just a position. An example of a typical career path for someone in a technical position would be a move into management of a group of technical experts. For example, an engineer working on our plasma or thermal product lines could grow into the role and then enter management as a supervisor of a team. We also have expert career paths for specialized roles in IT and Finance, for example, which require very particular knowledge sets.​