Top reasons to work for ASM

There are plenty of good reasons why we think you should work for us. But we think it's better if you listen to what our people say. Their stories are real and based on their day-to-day experiences. They are from all over the world, but have a lot in common. This is what they told us. This is why they joined ASM.​

A world of opportunities

ASM always offers opportunities internally and globally. You'll probably have the chance to accept offers or assignments in other countries. I had the pleasure of working in Ireland on a temporary assignment for 2 months and it was a great opportunity to see such a beautiful country and meet the people. You will learn how to accept the differences between cultures and embrace them. You will also learn how to use the differences to build relationships between you and your counterparts, which will enrich your work and life experiences.
Wael, Inventory Total Supplier Management

Everything is possible

At ASM you are only limited by your own imagination and your work ethic. Your opinion and your abilities are valued and appreciated. I am included in management decisions that greatly impact the direction of the company. I wanted to be a part of a team that had a significant impact on the development of technology across the globe. A company that valued its employees and demonstrates this through opportunities for personal and professional development. ASM fits the bill.
Candace, Spares Marketing Analyst

Behind the magic

Innovation features in my job every day. I work closely with customers trying to find a solution to a problem. Then I work with our teams, internally, to explore solutions for these problems. This work requires thinking “outside of the box” and thinking in an innovative manner. Innovation is core to our business. To remain successful in the fast-paced and ever-changing semiconductor industry, we differentiate ourselves by developing a technical edge and capitalizing on these opportunities. The technical edge comes directly from the innovative ideas, designs, processes, and creativity of our people. They are our real magic.
Pamela, Technologist

Teams that work

I work on process support during new product introduction as well as troubleshooting for ASM tools. Process development for new products on customer sites requires innovation and teamwork. At ASM people are open-minded, communication is straightforward and they welcome brainstorming during teamwork. As an expert on solar cell technology, I’m always encouraged to contribute my expertise to the team. It’s a nice working environment where you can maximize your ability.
ChangWen, Senior Process Support Engineer

A chance to grow

ASM gives you a broad chance. They let you develop yourself, let you experiment with new concepts, let you make mistakes, make you feel that you are valuable to the company. The company is big, but small at the same time. You can make yourself heard and, even when you are just starting out on your career, your personal opinion is valued.
Jeroen, Manager New Product Introductions

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