PerforMAX: ASM Engineer On-Site Program

The ASM Engineer On-Site Program is designed for customers who need maximum tool availability and is delivered through the immediate response of on-site ASM factory-trained services. You can either use it to mitigate the need and costs for your own internal support or to provide supplemental, resident, expert, support personnel.


The Engineer On-Site Program increases your ASM equipment productivity and reduces your cost of ownership by minimizing your unscheduled downtime and scheduled preventative maintenance time. It does this by providing on-site operational and support expertise for your ASM equipment.The skilled expertise of our ASM service personnel helps to maintain your equipment and provide high quality of service repairs.


Under this program, we can implement best-known maintenance methods. Our factory-trained service engineers keep your equipment highly productive by performing system preventative maintenance, diagnosing issues and repairing system-related issues. By measuring and managing system performance metrics, and sharing equipment and best-known wafer processing methods, they can increase the number of good wafers produced. They also provide a dedicated rapid-response, to escalated non-conformance issues. Our on-site engineers become team members of yours, which means they can more intimately understand your operations and requirements.​​