The Supervisory Board ensures that our company's strategies, policies and resources are used to meet our business objectives and targets while putting the interests of our stakeholders first. The Management Boa​rd has day-to-da​y management responsibility for ASM. Under our Corporate Social Responsibility policy, we commit ourselves to making positive contributions to achieve zero harm to our people and planet.



Under the chairmanship of our C​EO, Benjamin Loh​, the members of the Management Board share powers and responsibility for managing the company efficiently and effectively.

Our CFO, Paul A.H. Verhagen, alone is specifically responsible for oversight of ASMI's finances. The Audit Committee supervises the activities of the Management Board and monitors the integrity of our financial reports and risk management.

The Nomination, Selection and Remuneration Committee advises the Supervisory Board on matters relating to the selection and nomination of new Management Board members as well as the remuneration of the members of the Management Board.

Dutch law calls for a two-tier corporate structure, which means the Management Board is accountable for its performance to a separate and independent Supervisory Board.

The Management Board is also answerable to the Shareholders of the company at the Annual General Meeting.