Our technology & products

Our equipment is a key technology for the semiconductor integrated-circuit chips needed to make the electronics products that consumers and businesses use everywhere. Our products solve important issues on the semiconductor industry’s technology roadmap. Helping to make integrated circuits (or chips) smaller, faster and more powerful.

50+ years of supplying leading deposition equipment

1075+ people working in R&D

2950+ patents in force

7 R&D centers

Technology and products

We have a proven track record of innovation, spanning a wide range of equipment and process technologies used by the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers.

  • Atomic Layer Deposition

    Atomic Layer Deposition, or ALD, is one of our technological solutions that works at a tiny level to make a huge difference.

  • Epitaxy

    Epitaxy, often called Epi, is the process of depositing highly controlled silicon-based crystalline films, a critical process technology for creating advanced transistors and memories, and for wafer manufacturing.

  • Silicon carbide

    Process equipment for epitaxial deposition of silicon carbide (SiC) is a fast-growing market, mostly due to the material’s benefits for electric vehicles. With our history in epitaxy equipment, this is a natural fit for our line-up.


    PECVD is another process solution we offer to deposit dielectric thin films at relatively low temperatures.

  • Vertical furnaces

    Vertical furnaces offer very high productivity solutions for a wide range of thermal processes including low pressure chemical vapor deposition (LPCVD), diffusion and oxidation.


At ASM, we are committed to continuously developing new innovations in process and equipment technologies to meet our customers’ needs.​


New deposition technologies and chemistries continue to drive growth in our global patent portfolio. As of year-end 2023, we had 2,953 patents in force worldwide. 

Future-proof company

Sustainability is an integral part of our strategy. In 2021, we defined our sustainability focus and priorities for the next horizon – the years 2021 to 2025, and beyond.