Our patents

​At ASM, we have been an innovation leader for more than 50 years. We haven’t only contributed to the remarkable advance of the semiconductor industry; we’ve shaped the industry itself.

About our patents

We have Intellectual Property managers at all our major global R&D sites, ready to capture all patentable material resulting from our R&D activities. The number of patents we own is steadily increasing year after year; we currently have over 2,953 patents in force. 

ALD patents 

In particular, we have hundreds of issued patents relating specifically to the ALD process technology platform. We expect new deposition technologies and chemistries to be a major driver for new intellectual property into the future. Patents provide us the protection to speak more openly about our inventions and share ideas in the marketplace that benefit our customers. We own patents that cover most of the key technologies, features and operations of our products. They’re usually registered in the principal countries where semiconductor devices or equipment are manufactured and/or sold. 

Our trademarks

We have registered a number of trademarks covering our product portfolio in the principal countries. They are the following: 

Trademark list 

ASM, the ASM logo, Advance, Aurora, Dragon, Eagle, EmerALD, Epsilon, Intrepid, LPE logo, Powering The Future logo, Previum, Pulsar, Silcore, Sonora, Synergis, XP, and XP8 are registered trademarks of ASM. The ASM Qualified Licensed Supplier logo, AEGIS, A400, A412, ES, ESA, EVC, GenMatch, Level-to-Level, Precis, Tenza, and Velocity are trademarks of ASM. 


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