Vertical furnaces

Vertical furnaces offer very high productivity solutions for a wide range of thermal processes including low pressure chemical vapor deposition (LPCVD), diffusion and oxidation.

About vertical furnaces

Batch productivity 

Vertical furnaces use a batch configuration, which means a large number of wafers are processed at the same time for productivity and cost savings. ASM furnace tools are designed with dual-batch reactors for even more productivity. 

Batch reactors enable manufacturers to accurately control temperature and ambient conditions simultaneously for a large number of wafers, thus increasing productivity.  


CVD (or Chemical Vapor Deposition) is a method of depositing materials through a chemical process during which a chemical precursor is delivered at a controlled temperature and pressure. CVD provides high-purity thin films at high deposition rates. LPCVD is a thermal process that deposits various films at low pressure. 

The CVD processes performed in vertical furnaces at low pressure, with the help of vacuum pumps, also have a range of chemistries to choose from. Thin films that are deposited range from pure silicon, semiconducting silicon (so-called doped silicon) to silicon nitride, silicon oxides, and even metallic layers. 

Diffusion and oxidation 

Diffusion is the family of processes that is used exclusively in vertical furnaces to change the composition of silicon by diffusing atoms from the vapor phase into the material that needs to be modified. It is typically used to electrically activate impurities introduced by ion implantation. It can also be designed to drive dopants deeper into a film layer.   

Oxidation forms a silicon oxide layer on the wafer’s surface, which acts as an insulating or protective layer over it.  

Our products

Vertical furnaces are real powerhouses, offering great productivity while safeguarding quality. ALD capability is available on ASM furnaces, further exploiting the benefits of their productivity, too.   


SONORA is a 300mm batch vertical furnace for logic/foundry and memory applications, as well as 300mm analog/power. SONORA is capable of both atmospheric and low-pressure thermal wafer processing.

SONORA® vertical furnace

A400™ DUO

A400 DUO is a batch vertical furnace for 200mm and smaller wafers, and focuses on applications in the markets for power, analog, RF, and MEMS devices. The A400 DUO furnace tool is capable of running low pressure CVD (LPCVD), as well as diffusion and oxidation applications.

A400™ DUO vertical furnace

Technology and products

We have a proven track record of innovation, spanning a wide range of equipment and process technologies now used by the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers.

  • Atomic Layer Deposition

    Atomic Layer Deposition, or ALD, is one of our technological solutions that works at a tiny level to make a huge difference.

  • Epitaxy

    Epitaxy, often called Epi, is the process of depositing highly controlled silicon-based crystalline films, a critical process technology for creating advanced transistors and memories, and for wafer manufacturing.

  • Silicon carbide

    Process equipment for epitaxial deposition of silicon carbide (SiC) is a fast-growing market, mostly due to the material’s benefits for electric vehicles. With our history in epitaxy equipment, this is a natural fit for our line-up.


    PECVD is another process solution we offer to deposit dielectric thin films at relatively low temperatures.