We combine collaboration and innovation to create a positive impact beyond our scale. At ASM, sustainability is an integral part of our strategy. It is one of the key pillars of our approach as we aspire to improve people’s lives worldwide. We are committed to environmental stewardship, sound labor practices, and safety leadership.

ASM's Climate Transition Plan

Our Climate Transition Plan is not just a statement of intent - it is our blueprint for action

We want to make a positive impact on the communities, industries, and societies we are a part of. Our ESG priorities are structured into a cohesive set of initiatives that drive impact.  


Climate change is widely considered as one of the most pressing risks that the planet is facing today. For this reason, ASM targets becoming a Net Zero company across all scopes by 2035. We aim to complete validation of our targets by the Science Based Targets initiative in 2023; our targets are among the most ambitious in our industry.  

We incorporate sustainability in the research and development of our technologies, products, and services, applying our innovation power to make our products and services more ecologically friendly. 

To help preserve the planet, we rethink, reduce, reuse, and recycle resources as much as possible. That is why we target Net Zero by 2035, 100% renewable electricity for our global operations by 2024, reducing waste to landfill, and working toward the principles of water stewardship. We have also published our first biodiversity policy. All our manufacturing and engineering sites are certified to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System standard. 

To maximize our positive impact, we work with our supply partners to become more resource-efficient and to reuse our supplier packaging as much as possible. We also collaborate on ways to bring down greenhouse gas emissions throughout our supply chain as quickly as possible. 


At ASM, we focus our people initiatives on becoming a home for the top talent in the semiconductor industry. We empower our people by helping them develop, thrive and grow – unlocking their potential to be the best they can be while driving the success of our business and customers. With a clear focus on our values, we foster a company culture marked by compassion, collaboration, inclusivity, innovation, and the drive to deliver. 

Our vision for workplace safety is ZERO HARM! – this means we strive to prevent all incidents and injuries, regardless of severity. We prioritize and focus on prevention, which means we aim to remove all exposure to harm. Our ambition is to lead in safety, within and outside ASM, collaborating with and influencing others to improve the safety of our industry. 

At ASM, you become part of a community that is eager to grow its positive impact. This is why we engage, collaborate, and innovate beyond our scale. We team up and give back to the communities where we do business, across our industry and in society overall. 

Our suppliers are key partners in our efforts to operate responsibly and sustainably and to create value in and beyond our operations. We are a full member of the Responsible Business Alliance and hold our suppliers to their Code of Conduct, which covers social, environmental, and ethical business standards.  


Good corporate governance is about applying sound business practices. At ASM, we do business in an ethical and transparent manner. We achieve this by setting up transparent processes and following internal policies and procedures that enable us to operate in the best interests of all our stakeholders.

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Our policies and procedures

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