At ASM, we are passionate about ensuring our people and products everywhere are safe – in our own company and across our value chain. We believe every incident and injury can be prevented, which is why our vision for safety is “ZERO HARM!”.

Leading by example 

Safety is also an integral part of our drive to innovate, which is why we are always looking to further improve the design, development, manufacturing, delivery, and ongoing use and support of our products. We prioritize and focus on prevention, aiming to remove all exposure to harm. And we are committed to collaborating with and influencing our supply chain partners and other stakeholders as we pursue our ambition to lead the semiconductor industry in safety.

Safety Culture

To embed safety as a key priority in our company, we follow a clear and actionable framework for everyone at ASM: our 6 Es of safety leadership. This has long been the foundation of our companywide safety culture, based on the philosophy that everyone is a safety leader.  


We now include a seventh E – engagement – inspired by our longtime focus on collaboration to achieve positive contributions and impact to safety in our industry, beyond our own scale and across our entire value chain. 

Be safe framework

Recognizing safety leadership 

To strengthen our culture of safety, we recognize and celebrate our safety leaders. ASM’s quarterly global Safety Leadership Award honors the inspiring contributions toward our vision for ZERO HARM! It also encourages everyone at ASM to remain mindful, creative, and vigilant as we explore new ways to further improve our safety systems, culture, and performance. All employees can nominate their peers for notable contributions to safety, scaled for their role, positive attributes, and leadership. 

Getting better every day 

Safety is our priority at ASM, and we know we can always improve. That’s why throughout our company, we have in place the initiatives that help us to stay on track, and we continuously seek to advance our learning and efforts.



As recognized safety leaders in our industry and drawing on our innovation heritage, we actively pursue key opportunities for innovations that reduce safety risks and improve safety performance in our industry.  


Safety culture

We regularly survey our employees to assess the health and progress of our safety culture. By combining these insights with data and analytics from our SHIELD safety management system, we can initiate key improvements across our operations. We also make sure to share the actions taken, and progress made, inspiring everyone to do their best.  


Safety by design

Each year, we review new regulations, advancements in standards, and the lessons we have learned. We update our training materials accordingly, customizing them with specific product-line examples for respective design teams. ASM’s product-safety training classes address the latest technology, lessons learned, and changes to compliance regulations and standards.  


Industry engagement

Sharing learning and best practices across our industry benefits everyone. That’s why we maintain a board seat in SESHA, a multi-industry association that focuses on advancing health, safety, sustainability, and environmental knowledge and processes. And ASM is proud to be a Diamond sponsor of SESHA’s activities. We also actively engage with and contribute to SEMI (the global electronic products industry association) working groups that drive standards and knowledge-sharing for the industry. 


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Safety leadership award winners

Celebrating the individuals who go above and beyond to further improve and drive safety best practices at ASM.

Manjula - Developer

For her work in developing the Product Safety Risk database/management system 'OASIS.'

Janel - Service manager

For her ongoing service in safety leadership and commitment to everyone's safety.

Kibeom - Facilities engineer

For his work identifying a key product safety risk.


At ASM, we are committed to upholding high standards in sustainability, labor and ethics practices.