Our purpose and mission

Global demand for semiconductors is growing as chips ​​enable technological advances for an expanding number of applications. The cloud, smart vehicles, and our desire to be fully connected at all times are some of the factors driving the demand for smaller, faster, more efficient chips.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to improve people's lives through advancing technologies that unlock new potential.

Our mission

Our mission is to enable our customers' success by creating leading-edge semiconductor process products, services and new materials.

Our values

We are a complex business in an ever-changing world. That is why we have defined three core values for ASM as the cornerstones of who we are, what we believe, and how we act.

We Care

Together we care for our people, society, and our planet. Together we act with integrity, compassion, and respect, at all times. Together we are inclusive, inspired by others, and always growing.

We Innovate

Together we lead our industry and work towards a common goal. Together we think creatively, with truly open minds. Together we challenge the norms and embrace diversity of thought.

We Deliver

Together we perform at our best and deliver on our promises. Together we ensure satisfaction and exceed expectations. Together we take ownership and are accountable for our actions.

Our contribution

As technologies never thought possible before come into our lives (from autonomous vehicles to consumer space flight), the vital thing powering all these futuristic developments is the humble chip. Each chip needs to have more processing power with every new technology.

ASM’s technology enables the deposition of the semiconductor material layers that create the advanced chips of the future. More applications, transistors, and complexity add up to more layers. 

And all these different layers are combining to create a world of new possibilities. ASM is helping to solve the key issues on the semiconductor technology roadmap today and in the future.  

Moore to come

Gordon E. Moore (1929-2023), co-founder of Intel, defined Moore’s law in 1965: “The number of transistors on a chip will double approximately every two years.” At the time, that was an almost unbelievable claim. And yet, Moore was clearly ahead of the game: the semiconductor industry remains committed to reducing the size of transistors so that more of them fit in the same physical space. 

Our customers are now manufacturing 3nm node transistors. Find that hard to picture? One nanometer is a millionth of a millimeter. 

Today’s most advanced microprocessor chips include billions of transistors, which need to be as tiny as possible. To deliver these ever-shrinking dimensions while improving transistor performance, the top chip manufacturers rely on ASM deposition technology. 

As an established innovator, we’re confident Moore’s Law is continuing, and we expect it to continue for at least the next decade – and likely longer than that. This will be driven by device and transistor innovations, enabled by new materials and full use of the third dimension (3D). 

We believe, too, that more functions per chip area can, and will be, integrated in the coming decade, and that we’ll need continuous innovation in semiconductor technologies to make this happen, not only in core logic and memory, but also in heterogeneous integration and advanced packaging. 

In the past decade, device structures have been moving from 2D to 3D. For example, NAND has gone from 2D-NAND to 3D-NAND. DRAM today is still 2D-DRAM, but developments are on the way to develop 3D-DRAM in the longer term. In logic, FinFET is moving to gate-all-around. 

Our past enables our future

In 1999, ASM was one of the first companies to recognize the potential of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), making it possible to manufacture today’s 3nm node transistors with great precision. ALD is now one of our most important technologies for a whole new set of materials that will keep giving the world Moore.  

Our track record of more than​​ 50 years of innovation means we've always been ahead of what's next, and we’re well-positioned to respond to our clients' needs. Innovation is in our genes, after all. 


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