Our culture

Life at ASM

We are committed to helping our people grow, enabling them to develop their talents and perform at their best. Our goal is to create an inclusive, supportive workplace and culture that allows everyone to thrive and develop a fulfilling long-term career. We love a challenge at ASM, and we work hard to find innovative, industry-leading solutions – but we also don’t forget to have some fun along the way.

Our values

We are a complex business in an ever-changing world. That is why we have defined three core values for ASM as the cornerstones of who we are, what we believe, and how we act.

We Care

Together we care for our people, society, and our planet. Together we act with integrity, compassion, and respect, at all times. Together we are inclusive, inspired by others, and always growing.

We Innovate

Together we lead our industry and work towards a common goal. Together we think creatively, with truly open minds. Together we challenge the norms and embrace diversity of thought.

We Deliver

Together we perform at our best and deliver on our promises. Together we ensure satisfaction and exceed expectations. Together we take ownership and are accountable for our actions.

The Power of an Open Mind

ASM thrives on leading-edge ideas and technologies – and it’s the talented, passionate people at our company who make those ideas and technologies possible. That’s why we believe in the Power of an Open Mind at ASM. We want to be home to those eager to be challenged and aim to cultivate an environment where ideas can grow, develop, and flourish.

Inclusion & Diversity

At ASM, inclusion and diversity are a top priority. The ASM family already includes more than 66 nationalities, and we aim to bring ever more diverse talent into our company. It is important to us that everyone at our company feels welcome, valued, and free to bring their whole self to work.


ConvERGe is the umbrella name for our Employee Resource Groups. The name ConvERGe was chosen as it means 'moving together towards the same common point.' And that is exactly what we stand for at ASM, embracing a culture of inclusion and diversity. ConvERGe activities are centered around our core values: 

  • We Care: designing and delivering information and training that will enable the I&D agenda and culture across ASM.
  • We Innovate: creating and launching innovative initiatives to inspire employees; diverse companies are proven to be more creative and successful.
  • We Deliver: defining clear I&D targets, creating accountability, and monitoring our progress toward them. 


Women's Initiative Network (WIN) is our first operational ConvERGe group. It focuses on advancing and retaining our female talent and building a more inclusive culture in general. Both female and male colleagues are invited to be part of WIN, acting as allies and supporting each other throughout our journey.  

WIN is also about forming a sustainable and supportive female community in ASM worldwide to create a workplace that enables all to succeed and one where we work together to recruit and develop female talents. 


Every day we challenge ourselves to enrich the lives of everyone we engage with. We are committed to reaching our ambitious sustainability goals and initiatives – with a clear focus on governance, responsible value chain management, the green power of innovation, and working to improve people’s lives and positively impact the planet.

Our priorities include creating a safe and inspiring workplace, being a force for good in society, and aiming for Net Zero by 2035, an ambitious target.

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