PECVD is another process solution we offer to deposit dielectric thin films at relatively low temperatures.


What is it?

PECVD, or Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition, is a specialized technology that utilizes plasma to enable deposition at lower temperatures — perfect for certain applications. 


How it works 

In PECVD, one or more gaseous reactants are used to form a solid insulating or conducting layer on the surface of a wafer. A plasma is formed from the gaseous chemicals in the reaction chamber. 

Plasma CVD 

In contrast to traditional CVD, where a higher temperature is used to cause reactions, in PECVD the plasma provides the energy needed to cause the reaction, which means that it can be done at a lower temperature. PECVD gives manufacturers a high throughput capability for the increasing demands of low thermal budget applications.  

Our product

ASM’s key position in PECVD is on low-k films for advanced logic interconnects. Our Dragon XP8 PECVD tool addresses a broad range of dielectric films for various low-temperature deposition applications, such as interconnect, passivation, and etch-stop layers.

Dragon ® XP8 PECVD

Dragon XP8 is a high-productivity PECVD tool. The system can be configured with up to four Dual Chamber Modules (DCM), enabling eight chambers in high-volume production within a very compact footprint.  

Dragon ® XP8 PECVD

Technology and products

We have a proven track record of innovation, spanning a wide range of equipment and process technologies now used by the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers.

  • Atomic Layer Deposition

    Atomic Layer Deposition, or ALD, is one of our technological solutions that works at a tiny level to make a huge difference.

  • Epitaxy

    Epitaxy, often called Epi, is the process of depositing highly controlled silicon-based crystalline films, a critical process technology for creating advanced transistors and memories, and for wafer manufacturing.

  • Silicon carbide

    Process equipment for epitaxial deposition of silicon carbide (SiC) is a fast-growing market, mostly due to the material’s benefits for electric vehicles. With our history in epitaxy equipment, this is a natural fit for our line-up.

  • Vertical furnaces

    Vertical furnaces offer very high productivity solutions for a wide range of thermal processes including low pressure chemical vapor deposition (LPCVD), diffusion and oxidation.