Our story


ASM (Advanced Semiconductor Materials) was founded in the Netherlands in 1968, at the very start of the semiconductor industry. Founder Arthur del Prado (1931-2016) was our CEO until 2008. He was succeeded by his son, Chuck del Prado, who was CEO until 2020. In May 2024, Hichem M'Saad, our former CTO, was appointed to CEO.

ASM initially entered the furnace deposition market, and started producing these systems in the Netherlands in the early 1970s. As a pioneer of technology advancement and globalization, the company also began launching new companies around the world.

70 & 80s

In the mid 1970s, ASMPT was founded in Hong Kong, becoming a market leader in back-end semiconductor assembly and packaging equipment. ASM divested its majority share in ASMPT in 2013, but maintains a minority share today.

ASM America was also founded in the 1970s, laying the foundation of our current epitaxy technology. In the early 1980s, ASM Japan was started, the basis for today’s plasma CVD products. This was followed by ASM’s participation in a joint venture with Philips in the mid-1980s to develop lithography technology, known today as ASML. ASM sold its share in ASML in 1988.

90 & 00s

Since the early 1990s, ASM has focused its efforts on deposition. This includes investing in the novel technique of ALD (atomic layer deposition), leading to acquisitions of ASM Microchemistry in 1999, and ASM Genitech Korea in 2004.


In 2007, our Pulsar ALD tool became the first system used in the high-volume manufacturing of devices using a new hafnium-based high-k gate dielectric material. Since that breakthrough, ASM has continued to strengthen its footprint  with leading edge customers. We have brought novel deposition processes to the market to realize 3D device architectures that can only be enabled by ALD.

10 & 20s

Over the past five years, we have also been growing our position in the Epi market. In 2022 we acquired LPE, located in Italy and a solid player in the relatively small but fast-growing silicon carbide epitaxy equipment market, driven by the rapidly expanding market for electric vehicles.


The combination of ASM’s continuous focus on innovation with its global entrepreneurship has led to ASM’s unique structure, with centers of excellence close to customers around the world, and centralized manufacturing in Singapore.

Our present

  1. Endless opportunities

    Through our innovations, we create new technologies that open up endless possibilities for you to share and enjoy your life more, unlocking new potential. The scale of our work might be microscopic, but the results are enormous. We start by connecting atoms and end up connecting the world. Supporting advances in communications, entertainment, energy, transport and medicine for you.

  2. Shaping the industry

    Our people are spread across the world. They come from many different countries and cultures, but they all share an intelligence, flexibility, and passion for seizing opportunities to go beyond what’s currently possible. Above all, we’re curious. Not surprisingly, we have established ties with advanced research institutes.

  3. Changing the world

    Today, our track record of scientific breakthroughs is helping to reliably manufacture chips with transistors that are just a few times bigger than a single strand of human DNA. You may not have heard of us. But, behind the scenes, we’ve been changing your world for good, for years. And we’re actively planning a better future for everyone. We’re already on our way.

We are always looking for talent

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