Our company

ASM supplies wafer processing equipment to the leading semiconductor manufacturers, mostly for the deposition of thin films. We design, manufacture, sell, and service deposition tools to supply our customers with the advanced technologies to produce semiconductor devices, or integrated circuits (ICs).

4500+ people worldwide

16 countries where we're located

66+ nationalities working at ASM

55 years of research, innovation and breakthrough technologies


ASM has a legacy of innovation of more than half a century. Our strategy is Growth through Innovation.

Purpose & mission

Our purpose is to improve people’s lives through advancing technologies that unlock new potential.

Back to the future

In 1968, right at the very birth of the global semiconductor industry, entrepreneur Arthur del Prado established ASM in the Netherlands. Our journey as industry pioneers was underway.

Our values

We are a complex business in an ever-changing world. That is why we have defined three core values for ASM as the cornerstones of who we are, what we believe, and how we act.

We Care

Together we care for our people, society, and our planet. Together we act with integrity, compassion, and respect, at all times. Together we are inclusive, inspired by others, and always growing.

We Innovate

Together we lead our industry and work towards a common goal. Together we think creatively, with truly open minds. Together we challenge the norms and embrace diversity of thought.

We Deliver

Together we perform at our best and deliver on our promises. Together we ensure satisfaction and exceed expectations. Together we take ownership and are accountable for our actions.

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