We set and maintain standards for the way we conduct business. Our standards comprise corporate social responsibility and sound business ethics, including compliance with all applicable national and international laws and regulations. But, at heart, they’re simple. They are about mutual respect and support and doing what is right for everyone.

Global standards

These standards apply to all categories of ASM employees. However, they are not meant to describe the full scope of ASM human resource policies or practices.

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Our positions

Our Global Employment Standards summarizes our position on key human rights issues and our approach to managing our responsibility to respect human rights through our global operations and value chain. The principles embody common principles laid out by the United Nations in several acts and declarations.

Managers and employees are required to comply with all ASM policies, procedures and practices at all times and are responsible for consulting their management if they have any questions. Our goal is to ensure full compliance with these principles by ASM managers, employees, and suppliers.

Human rights

We’re committed to maintaining and improving our systems and processes to avoid complicity in human rights violations related to our own operations, supply chain, or products. We are currently setting up management controls, and we will introduce due diligence to regularly assess human rights-related risks and potential impacts, review our policies and management processes, and seek input from stakeholders on our approach.​


The principles referenced in our Code of Business Conduct and Global Employment Standards apply without restriction to the whole workforce of ASM.

We will work towards an integrated approach to managing human rights across our business. We will appoint review committees in each relevant section of our business. The committees will be responsible for conducting due diligence and implementing policies and procedures to support our adherence to the principles laid down in Global Employment Standards.​​​​ 

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