We are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in our workplace and in our business dealings. Our values are at the basis of everything we do. They determine our success. They range from working as a team to creating a safe and trustworthy workplace for our employees.

Ethically-based decisions

Every day, our employees have to make decisions that impact on our business, our business partners, our co-workers, and the communities in which we operate. Ultimately, our decisions affect our reputation​ as a company. Even simple decisions can require us to simultaneously consider multiple elements.

We believe that good, ethical decisions are made when adequate information and resources are readily available. At the same time, we want to be explicit. We do not want to leave any doubt as to what we expect in terms of ethical business conduct, which is an integral part of all decision making.

Code of Business Conduct

At ASM, we have adopted a Code of Business Conduct that sets out clear standards in different areas of business life. Its purpose is to promote a clear, strong and consistent culture of ethics that applies to our entire workforce around the globe.

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Ethics training

These ethical standards are necessary. They help guide us in making the best possible decisions. But because written standards alone are not sufficient, we also place great emphasis on training our workforce when hired and on a frequent basis. During training sessions, we present our workforce with dilemmas based on examples derived from daily practice. Regular training like this focuses and reinforces the behaviors critical to how we wish to conduct business.

Personal responsibility

As ASM employees, each of us is personally responsible for reading, understanding, embracing and complying with the guidelines set out in our Code of Business Conduct as well as other company policies. We have a duty to personally understand and interpret the standards. What’s more, we are committed to fostering a shared understanding of the standards through open communication and by acting as role models.

Ethics committee

At ASM, we are proud of our reputation for honest and fair business dealings. We are committed to creating, facilitating and reinforcing the conditions required to safeguard that reputation. To ensure ethics continues to be a part of what we do, our Ethics Committee meets quarterly and reports the company's progress to the CEO and CFO.​​​​​​​

​ASM has a procedure for reporting issues with respect to the Code of Business Conduct, including complaints of a financial nature (SpeakUp Procedure, formerly called Whistleblower Policy). 

At any time, ASM employees can seek guidance from their manager, the People department, or the Global Compliance Officer of our company on ethical matters. Reporting can be done without repercussions if done in good faith. You may send an (anonymous) communication to the Global Compliance Officer at ASM.

Speak-up procedure

ASM has an independent third-party reporting service that can take a confidential report at any time from anywhere we operate and initiate a process with ASM to resolve it.

We will speak up if we are in doubt about any action or unclear about ASM’s expectations that might conflict with the Code of Business Conduct. We will speak up if asked to engage in conduct inconsistent with the Code of Business Conduct. We will speak up if we become aware of conduct inconsistent with the Code of Business Conduct.

You can send a message to our compliance specialist, or you may also use the SpeakUp Service by either calling a local telephone number. Anonymity is guaranteed.

Country/Region Free phone number Access code 
Belgium  +32 0800-71365  10481
China  +86 108007440179 90401
Finland +358 08001-13031 75471
France +33 0800-90881 41963
Germany +49 0800 1801733 91488
Ireland +353 1800-552136 47244
Israel +972 1809444260 27177
Italy +39 800-787639 00383
Japan +81 0120 774878 51438
South Korea +82 007984424261 41716
Malaysia +60 1-800-88-4307 70346
Netherlands +31 0800 0222931 66693
Singapore +65 1800-8232206 85825
Taiwan +886 0801444317 93846
United Kindom +44 0800-1693502 54116
USA +01 1-866-2506706 69376



ASM did not make any contributions to political campaigns and lobbying organizations for the 2019 - 2022 reporting period.


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