SONORA is a 300mm batch vertical furnace for logic/foundry and memory applications, as well as 300mm analog/power. SONORA is capable of both atmospheric and low-pressure thermal wafer processing. Atmospheric thermal applications include diffusion and activation of dopants, annealing to affect material properties by heating to a specific temperature, and oxidation to form silicon oxide. LPCVD applications include polysilicon, silicon nitride, and silicon oxide.

Higher uptime, uniform results.

Major features

The SONORA’s novel system architecture optimizes floor space productivity as well as service area, with dedicated process modules with individually controlled high-purity mini-environments. Its higher productivity ensures lower energy and chemical usage per wafer, all while being designs for serviceability with better access for all maintenance activities. SONORA features a range of improvements compared to its predecessor, the A412. It boasts up to 30% more productivity, with a reduced footprint, as well as increased reliability, better repeatability, and improved ease of use. 


SONORA benefits 

  • Highest productivity and lowest cost of ownership in its class;
  • Dual reactor, dual boat configuration in a compact footprint;
  • Large batch size up to 150 wafers;
  • Innovative gas injection system for low pressure processing provides the best within wafer uniformities throughout the entire large batch;
  • Process compatibility with existing ASM A412™ furnaces (>1000 shipped), for easy recipe transfer and new tool qualification​.

Major applications 

  • LPCVD doped Si, SiN, TEOS;
  • Diffusion, Oxidation, Wet oxidation, Anneal, Cure;
  • Batch ALD metal oxides, metal nitrides, SiO, SiN.


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