The future is made up of many layers

Global demand for semiconductors is exploding as chips e​​nable technological advances for an expanding number of applications. The cloud, smart vehicles, the desire to be fully connected at all times for email, phone and the internet. All these factors and more are driving the demand for smaller, faster, cheaper chips.


ASM’s technology enables the deposition of the semiconductor material layers that create the advanced chips of the future. More applications, more transistors, more complexity all adds up to more layers. And all these different layers are combining to create a world of new possibilities. ASM is helping to solve the key issues on the semiconductor technology roadmap today and in the future.


The semiconductor industry is committed to reducing the size of transistors so that more of them fit in the same physical space. Our customers are now manufacturing transistors 22 nanometers wide. That’s roughly four thousand times smaller than the width of a single human hair. Today’s most advanced microprocessor chips include over 2 billion transistors. To deliver these ever-shrinking dimensions while improving transistor performance, the top chip manufacturers rely on ASM deposition technology.

The number of transistors on a chip will double approximately every two years.

Gordon E. Moore (Intel)

In 1999, ASM was one of the first companies to recognize the potential of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), making it possible to manufacture today’s 22nm wide transistors with great precision. ALD is now one of our most important platforms for a whole new set of materials that will keep giving the world Moore.



We’re all creating more data. 90% of all the data in the world that exists today has been created in the last two years. Small, connected, handheld devices and smarter machines are making it easier for us to share with the world. Bringing unprecedented opportunities to discover insights in real time.

Big Data puts pressure on semiconductor manufacturers for more powerful processing.
For individuals and for the companies who want to understand them better. Our track record of more than​​
 50 years of innovation means we’re already well positioned to respond to their needs. Innovation is in our genes.​​



Seduced by the latest ‘must have’ smartphone or tablet? Then you’re not only part of a new phenomenon, you’re also helping to change the semiconductor industry supply chain. Smart devices are bringing a new type of consumer and something else – faster reactions.

Our advanced technology road map is helping our customers respond to shorter product cycles. Ensuring the latest smart devices get to market early. Our relationships with the top semiconductor manufacturers are so closely aligned that we call what we do ‘co-creation’.

Drive Innovation, Deliver Excellence.