Our Story

At ASM, we do something extraordinary. We create opportunities. Our technology offers you choices so yo​u can do more of what you want wherever you want.



We were founded at the time of the birth of the semiconductor industry. And, since 1968, we’ve been coming up with new ways for manufacturers to make microchips smaller, cheaper and more powerful. Through our innovations, we create new technologies that open up endless possibilities for you to share, enjoy and organize your life better. The scale of our work might be microscopic, but the results are enormous. We start by connecting atoms and end up connecting the world. Supporting advances in communications, entertainment, energy, transport and medicine for you.


We were not just a founding member of the semiconductor industry, our visionary approach has helped shape it. By having the courage to pioneer new technologies like Photolithography, Epitaxy, Ion implantation and Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) that are widely used today. Our people are spread across the world. They come from many different countries and cultures but they all share an intelligence, flexibility and passion for seizing opportunities to go beyond what’s currently possible. Above all, we’re curious. Not surprisingly, we have established ties with advanced research institutes. And we often dedicate many years to bringing promising new technologies from R&D all the way through to customer volume manufacturing. Because we believe they have the potential to change the world.


Today, our track record of scientific breakthroughs is helping to reliably manufacture chips with transistors that are just a few times bigger than a single strand of human DNA. You may not have heard of us. But, behind the scenes, we’ve been changing your world for good for years. And we’re actively planning a better future for everyone. The technology roadmap we co-create with our customers, points to more innovations just beyond the horizon.

We’re already on our way. ​​