Our personality

When we talk about our ‘culture’ we’re describing ASM’s personality or ‘who we are’ from the point of view of the people who work here every day.


Smaller, faster, more powerful. At ASM, we create leading edge technology that helps make semiconductor devices perform better and use less energy than ever before. These devices help to enhance people's lives by bringing them more opportunities. Doing this takes initiative, passion and creativity. Something our global workforce has in abundance. We have a presence in 14 countries across the world. But, wherever they work, all of our staff share one goal – to go beyond what others consider possible to create a new future.

ASM breathes innovation. It's in our culture to be creative and to think in terms of challenges. If you are into this, you probably will fit in.


Our workforce drives our success. The ability of our people to work across the globe as one team is critical to ASM. We provide our customers with excellent services and products, built to the highest possible standards. To help our global teams do this, we create, facilitate and maintain a sustainable working environment aimed at supporting their wellbeing. Our employees want to feel the excitement of working in a leading edge organization. They want to develop innovative technologies, products and services that help to change the world for the good.

The work can be challenging but there are a lot of people who want to help you succeed.


At ASM, the role you play is bigger than the job you hold. We operate in a dynamic, fast-paced environment. Our people are agile self-starters who like to be hands-on and who enjoy using their creativity to get things done. They think globally but understand local issues. They are highly qualified specialists who enjoy the informal team spirit and direct style of communication fostered here. Does this sound appealing to you?

ASM believes in its people. They believe in me. It was very clear to me when I was first hired that ASM wanted to support my career and invest in my growth and development.


Some companies talk about initiative, but we go a step further. We believe initiative is one of the most valuable qualities our people have. Up to a third of our people work on-site at customer locations. This means they have to represent ASM at its best and seamlessly integrate into a customer’s team. It's a challenge, but one in which our people excel.

At ASM, you can take charge and drive your career in the direction you want it to go. Don't expect it to be easy. We believe you learn best when exposed to complex and demanding business situations. You will need to draw on all of your reserves of talent to succeed here, but we will be here to support you.

I am challenged to develop my skills and expand my knowledge base. I feel empowered to take the initiative in creating better processes.


We will support you by providing on-the-job and in-classroom training and coaching. We also do the simple things well. ASM listens, provides feedback and values employee contributions, creating an environment in which everyone can succeed.

Innovation is the foundation of ASM, so it surely is encouraged in everyday work and is reflected in the working culture in ASM.

If you share our fascination with the future, then your future should lie with ASM.​