It's about variety
"Never a dull moment. Each day brings something new, sometimes good, sometimes challenging, but always something to learn."


One of the benefits of working for a truly global company is the exciting opportunity to shine on a world stage. You'll participate in projects that provide you with the opportunity to interact with colleagues from a wide variety of business functions, backgrounds and cultures across the world.


At ASM, diversity represents the rich range of differences between our people. We understand that every individual is unique. We recognize and respect the differences between individuals and we understand that these differences can include ethnicity, religious beliefs, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, family status, physical ability, experience and perspective.


From our earliest days, we have valued the range of insights and opinions that come from people from across the world with differing life experiences. At ASM, your ideas make a difference. In fact, we say, "difference" is what makes a difference here.


Our global workforce comes from many different backgrounds, cultures, life stages and nationalities, providing us the opportunity to appreciate a wider range of ideas and opinions. We welcome the contributions of all our people and value the great advantage that diversity brings to ASM’s innovation and excellence. We believe both that it is good for all our people to work in a diverse and inclusive culture and that it is an asset to our business performance, bringing us sustainable commercial success.


We encourage diversity across all areas of our business including recruitment, development and mentoring, appointments, employee retention, training programs, flexible work arrangements, forms of leave, planning, policies and procedures, and strategy.
Here are some of the ways we directly support diversity.


ASM is committed to attracting, retaining and supporting capable and diverse employees in roles where they can maximize their potential making the fullest possible contribution. For this reason, we maintain a fair and inclusive process for all appointments to ASM roles. This enables us to benefit from the broadest pool of diverse individuals, who we evaluate purely on merit.

Conduct in the workplace

ASM is committed to eliminating all forms of unlawful discrimination, harassment, bullying and victimization of people in our workplace. We are committed to maintaining a workplace where all our people can work without fear of being affected by unacceptable workplace conduct.

Flexible working and leave

We are committed to remaining adaptable to help our people make the fullest contribution to ASM. For this reason we support flexible working arrangements wherever possible to accommodate individual circumstances while meeting our wider business goals. We understand that our people have changing needs during different phases of their life and career, and are committed to providing a range of leave options to assist them. ​

We asked our employees what diversity at ASM means to them. This is what they told us. Not surprisingly, it provoked a diverse range of replies.

It's about learning

“The challenge to get people aligned, working in a multi-cultural environment, is very interesting and it has broadened my scope of the world.”

It's about balance

“We are exposed to a high level of diversity at ASM. Diversity of people, minds, characters. It’s very productive for balanced and diverse decision making.”

It's about challenging

“I enjoy learning about these differences, challenging my perceptions, to overcome the cross-cultural barriers to successfully deliver results for our customers.”

It's about friendship

“I have had the pleasure of working in Europe on three different occasions and had a very rewarding experience each time with the employees I worked with.”

It's an energy

“This diversity creates a more positive and energetic work environment with people bringing different attributes, life experiences, capabilities and skills to the ASM team.”

it's about connecting

"Worked with people in Korea, Japan, Singapore, Netherlands, Ireland, France, Italy, Germany, and the US.”

It's about meeting the world

“In a single day I often have meetings with individuals or teams in Europe, America, and Asia.”