A new look for ASM

Introducing ASM's new brand

ASM’s brand identity is receiving its first major refresh in the company’s history, to be rolled out in 2023 and beyond. This includes an updated website, a new visual style, and more. In short, this represents an evolution of the way we at ASM present ourselves to the world and how we tell our story.

For over half a century, ASM has grown and developed as an innovation leader in the semiconductor industry, and we are now heading into a new chapter with exciting new technologies on the horizon. That is why this is the right time for us to evolve our brand to reflect who we are today and who we aspire to be tomorrow.


At ASM, we are a family of talented, passionate people who work every day to improve people’s lives by advancing technologies that unlock new potential. We like to dream big and pursue inspiring ideas, always striving to be a force for good in the world. Our new brand identity will let us tell our story consistently across all of ASM and around the globe.

Our new style

The new brand identity will start to roll out from today, April 6. It is a bold, future-facing makeover for ASM that is also deeply inspired by and respectful of our rich heritage. 

A few highlights are:

  • Our updated logo, which is simpler, cleaner, and at home in the digital world
  • Bold new brand colors, with purple as the standout eye-catcher and sand as a nod to silicon, a key element in the creation of semiconductors
  • Clear and vibrant typography for a playful, contemporary look
  • A visual design derived from the angles of our crystal-shaped logo, which will connect all ASM communications 

All of these elements work seamlessly together to create an instantly familiar style – so that wherever you are in the world, you will always recognize ASM and what we stand for.

Always ahead

Another notable change is our new tagline: “Ahead of what’s next.” This line captures the dynamic, idea-driven way in which we look ahead to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. It also reflects our powerful commitment to being a responsible corporate citizens and the responsibility we feel to help shape tomorrow’s world.

Finally, our new website is the go-to place for everything ASM. From our technology and products to our sustainability journey, from our service and support offerings to your career options – ASM.com is our new home online. We will regularly share updates and news on our blog, and be sure to also follow us on our social media channels for more from the world of ASM.

What won’t change

While we are proud to present our new brand identity to the world, who we are at our core remains the same.

At ASM, we are committed to enabling our customers’ success and supporting their roadmaps by creating leading-edge semiconductor process products, services, and new materials. Every day, we drive innovation and explore exciting opportunities to develop value-added solutions that address the industry’s critical issues and open up new pathways to success.

We care deeply about our people, society, and our planet. And we believe in fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace where all our employees can thrive as they use their talents, develop their potential, and work together to deliver cutting-edge innovations.

With our new, future-facing brand identity, we are excited to continue our journey as we seize every opportunity to contribute to crucial advances in fields such as 5G, cloud computing, AI, biotech, and medicine.