ASM selected to S&P CSA yearbook

ASM was recently selected to be in the S&P CSA “Yearbook” (a first in the company’s history) and received “Industry Mover” recognition. This achievement is a key external validation of our years of commitment and progress to being a responsible and sustainable company.

What is the S&P CSA Yearbook?  

The Standard & Poor’s Corporate Sustainability Assessment, or S&P CSA, evaluates companies for their commitment and progress in ESG matters. ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG).

The S&P CSA “Yearbook” aims to distinguish companies within their industries that have demonstrated strengths in corporate ESG/Sustainability—recognizing the top 15% within industries for their performance on 20sustainability criteria. Over 7,800 companies were assessed, encompassing 145,000 documents and 14 million data points to reach the final members of the Yearbook.

Why is this ranking important?  

ESG factors are important for evaluating a company's long-term sustainability and impact on society and the environment and can be used by investors to make socially responsible investment decisions. This visibility helps to make us a more compelling partner for sustainably focused investors and partners who share our values.

How did we do in the S&P Yearbook? 

ASM achieved “Yearbook” recognition and was additionally designated as an “Industry Mover.” After only our second year of participating in the CSA, our score has improved from 22 in 2020 to 58 for 2021 and 69 for 2022, leading directly to this recognition:

For ASM, our ESG/Sustainability priorities and progress that contributed to this achievement include:


  • Net Zero target by 2035, including 100% use of Renewable Electricity (RE) for our operational footprint by 2024  
  • Energy: ​​​​​​​For 2022 our use of RE was sustained at 76% (same as 2021), and we remain on track to our target of 100% by 2024
  • Water Conservation: Our 2022 absolute water consumption decreased by 7,328 m3 (or 4.7%) relative to 2021 through conservation projects in Phoenix and Singapore, which are water-stressed regions
  • Waste Reduction: In 2022, we achieved 86% landfill diversion vs. our 90% goal, and our supplier and customer packaging reuse increased to 542 metric tons from 259 metric tons in 2021, up 109% year-on-year and 488% since program inception


  • Safety: Our intensive commitment to all aspects of people and product safety toward our vision of ZERO HARM!
  • Our people: Regarding gender diversity, for female participation, we progressed from 15% in 2021 to 17% in 2022; we are that much closer to our 20% goal
  • Making a positive impact in our communities through our local volunteering efforts, as well as the contributions we make to our industry and society overall


  • Our focus on IP Protection and Cybersecurity in our value chain, including the recently achieved industry-leading ranking in competitive impact by Lexis Nexis
  • We strive to be complete and transparent with our public disclosures

For more information on our sustainability efforts and progress, please read our 2022 annual report here. 

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