Synergis® is a high-productivity tool for a wide range of thermal ALD applications. The Synergis system can be configured with up to four Dual Chamber Modules (DCM), enabling eight chambers in high volume production, within a very compact footprint.

High volume, compact footprint.

Major features

Synergis® is a high productivity 300mm tool for a wide range of thermal ALD applications. 


Synergis ALD benefits 

  • Independent chambers for optimum single-wafer performance; 
  • Low volume chamber for efficient gas purge and fast processing; 
  • Precise thermal control for excellent conformality; 
  • Excellent chamber-to-chamber matching for wafer-to-wafer repeatability; 
  • Short preventative maintenance for high availability;
  • Low cost per wafer. 


Major applications 

  • Broad conformal film portfolio for metal oxides, dielectrics, metal nitrides, pure metals;
  • Etch stops, hard masks;
  • Low resistivity, ultra-thin barrier layers;
  • Films for sealing and encapsulation; ​​​​
  • Low resistivity pure metals. 


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