PE1O6A & PE1O8

​​​Our PE1O6A and PE1O8 silicon carbide (SiC) tools use an epitaxy process to deposit the SiC materials on either bare wafers or as part of the transistor device fabrication process. The PE1O6A is a single-wafer epitaxy tool that supports 100mm and 150mm wafers, while the PE1O8 is for 150mm and 200mm wafers.

SiC epitaxy

Major features

The PE1O6A and PE1O8 are single chamber SiC epitaxy tools featuring a single wafer cross flow reactor with best-in-class on-wafer performance. The systems include full cassette-to-cassette operation with high-temperature loading/unloading. 


PE1O6A / PE1O8 benefits 

  • Excellent thickness control <1% and dopant uniformity <2%; 
  • High grow rate up to 60 µm/hr; 
  • High productivity including long time between preventive maintenance;
  • High reliability and repeatability;
  • Small compact footprint. 


Major applications 

  • SiC epitaxy for power device transistors; 
  • SiC epitaxy on bare wafers.