Dragon® XP8 PECVD

​​​​Dragon XP8 is a high-productivity 300mm tool for PECVD applications. The Dragon XP8 PECVD system can be configured with up to four Dual Chamber Modules (DCM) enabling eight chambers in high-volume production within a very compact footprint.



Dragon XP8 is the highest throughput single wafer PECVD tool in the industry.

  • Independent chambers for optimum true single wafer performance;
  • Low volume chamber for efficient gas use and fast processing;
  • Excellent chamber-to-chamber matching for wafer-to-wafer repeatability;
  • Low Cost of Ownership;
  • Easy opening chamber design for fast maintenance;
  • Efficient energy consumption.


  • Inter Layer Dielectric Films: TEOS-SiO, SiH4-SiO;
  • Passivation: SiN;
  • Anti-Reflective Layer: SiN, SiON;
  • Etch stop: SiN;
  • Through Silicon Via Films SiO, SIN;
  • Dielectrics for 3D memory stack.​​