Epsilon® Epitaxy

​​​​​​Our Epsilon single-wafer epitaxy tools offer a wide variety of epitaxy applications. They range from high-temperature silicon for wafer preparation to low-temperature selective or non-selective Silicon germanium (SiGe) for forming​ transistor strain layers. The Epsilon series epitaxy tools have been a mainstay in semiconductor production for over 20 years and have a very large installed base.


The Epsilon 2000 PLUS is used for processing 150mm and 200mm wafers, while the Epsilon 3200 is used for 300mm wafers.



The Epsilon reactor uses integrated lamps to heat the wafer to a specified temperature to grow an epitaxial silicon-based film using chemical vapor deposition (CVD). A unique feature of the Epsilon is the patented Bernoulli wand for non-contact wafer transfer. Epsilon features the industry’s highest deposition rates at low temperatures due to its optimized performance with ASM’s Silcore® precursors.


  • Precise temperature control across the wafer surface, which enables highly uniform silicon layers;
  • Bernoulli wand wafer transfer technology allows high temperature wafer transfer without damage to the wafer surfaces which enables high throughput compared to alternatives that have to delay the process to allow the wafer to cool down;
  • Silcore® precursor provides silicon-based layers at high throughput, even at relatively lower temperatures compared to conventional precursors;
  • PowerFill trench fill processing enables epitaxial layers to be sequentially deposited in deep trenches reducing the cost of traditional multiple process sequences.


  • Selective and non-selective doped silicon layers for transistor formation;
  • Blanket silicon epitaxy for wafer manufacturing;
  • Epitaxy for analog mixed signal, bipolar and BiCMOS devices;
  • Deep trench fill epitaxy for power devices. ​​​