Advance® Vertical Furnace

​​The Advance is our comprehensive range of batch vertical furnaces optimized to meet the needs of advanced semiconductor applications. Vertical batch processing increases productivity because a large stac​k of wafers can be loaded into the furnace chamber for simultaneous thermal processing. The A412 PLUS is for 300mm wafers, while the A400 is for 200mm and smaller wafers sizes.



  • Dual reactor configuration means that manufacturers can maximize throughput while minimizing costly semiconductor fabrication plant (fab) floor space;
  • Sequential batch processes available whereby an initial application is run in the first reactor and the wafers are then transferred to the second reactor under controlled oxygen-free environmental conditions to run another process application;
  • Dual boat operation means the reactor can be fully utilized for maximum throughput as a second boat of wafers is always staged and ready to run once the previous boat has finished;
  • Large integrated stocker which stores wafers awaiting processing to assure continuous production;
  • A400 vertical furnaces can be configured to process two different wafer sizes simultaneously, allowing flexibility especially for fabs transitioning to a larger wafer size.​


  • Oxidation, both high and low temperature;
  • Anneal and cure;
  • Undoped and in-situ (P, As, B) doped polysilicon;
  • Silicon nitride;
  • Amorphous silicon;
  • TEOS;
  • Atomic Layer Deposition for metals and dielectrics.​