Community, industry, and society impact

At ASM, we engage, collaborate, and innovate to create a positive impact beyond our scale in the communities where we do business, across our industry, and in society overall. Wherever we are active – as individuals, as teams, and as a company – we look for opportunities to make a positive difference. We are proud of our employees, who are motivated to contribute to a broader cause, for example by volunteering. And we actively support these engagement activities, as they play a significant role in attracting and retaining employees, as well as in team-building.

Giving back to our communities

ASM colleagues around the world are rolling up their sleeves more and more to make a positive impact in our local communities. Read on to see some examples of our initiatives. 

ASM in Phoenix beats the heat 

At our Phoenix location, as part of the Grace Lutheran Church’s “Heat Respite” campaign, ASM volunteers got together with people from the community over the summer to support those without food and shelter. This campaign, started in 2005, aims to help Phoenix’s vulnerable population cope with the city’s multiple heat waves. The program provides hydration stations, refuge locations, and food for those in need. 

ASM in Singapore supports those in need 

ASM colleagues at our Singapore location volunteered to support patients undergoing end-of-life care at Tan Tock Seng Hospital, making bouquets from flowers that had been discarded prematurely. Focusing on the three Rs of sustainability – repurpose, reuse, and reduce – they gave the flowers a second life while bringing joy to patients. The project took place in collaboration with the RE/FRESH team, a social impact organization founded in 2016. Over the years, the NGO has repurposed more than 3,500 bouquets, partnering with five hospice organizations in Singapore. 

ASM in the Netherlands teaches STEM with LEGO® 

Since 1998, the FIRST LEGO® League offers primary schools in more than 110 countries the opportunity to introduce children to the basics of STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), through an annual contest that tests their creativity by building and programming LEGO® robots. For the school season of 2022/23, ASM sponsored the contest in the region where our Dutch headquarters are. We also supported the program through guest lectures about ASM’s technology at a local primary school. 

ASM in Korea creates opportunities for the young 

In June 2022, our colleagues in South Korea made a significant donation to a local orphanage, providing support to children who do not have parents to care for them.   

ASM in Israel helps to restore nature 

Our office in Israel is modest in size but big in ambition. In 2022, ASM colleagues there took time to restore one of the local parks in the nearby area, picking up litter and helping to maintain the natural beauty of the surrounding area. Check out the pictures and more information on our LinkedIn page. 

ASM in Korea boosts people power 

ASM is keen to support the next generation of thought leaders. Our colleagues in South Korea, where we have a significant presence in the Dongtan area, identified two rising scholars who merited a scholarship for their higher-education studies. We are proud to help them in their academic endeavors. The two people chosen were young women, reaffirming ASM’s commitment to supporting women in STEM.


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At ASM, we are committed to upholding high standards in sustainability, labor and ethics practices.