Community, industry, and society impact

At ASM, we engage, collaborate, and innovate to create a positive impact beyond our scale in the communities where we do business, across our industry, and in society overall. Wherever we are active – as individuals, as teams, and as a company – we look for opportunities to make a positive difference.

Our colleagues around the world are rolling up their sleeves

giving back to our communities

In 2023, we continued to make a positive impact in our local communities. Beyond our business investments, we have taken strides forward, reinforcing our core value “We Care”. Read on to see some examples of our initiatives. 

Our colleagues in Japan team up with Habitat for Humanity 

On a humid summer day, 12 colleagues traded their office environment for the orphanage's grounds, dedicating their morning to raking leaves, clearing gutters, and trimming overgrown vegetation, significantly improving the orphanage's outdoor space.


Jason Foster, ASM’s Corporate Vice President, expressed his pride in the team's efforts: "It was inspiring to see the impact of commitment and compassion. This event not only served a noble cause, but also showcased how ASM's spirit of teamwork extends beyond professional boundaries. I am eager to take part in more such outreach events like these in the future."

ASM in Korea creates opportunities for the young

ASM proudly continued to endorse the Korea Semiconductor Industry Association (KSIA)'s
scholarship program, reaffirming our commitment to shaping the industry's future.
By supporting this initiative, we aim to foster the next generation of STEM and female
talents, crucial for driving innovation and diversity in the semiconductor field.

These scholarships represent more than just financial support; they symbolize ASM's
investment in the future. By encouraging and empowering these young talents, we are
contributing to the evolution of technological innovation and fostering a diverse and
inclusive workforce in the semiconductor industry. This program not only benefits the
recipients but also strengthens the entire sector, ensuring a robust pipeline of skilled
professionals ready to tackle future challenges.

Arizona team giving back 

Our Arizona team extended their community outreach activities, building on past initiatives such as the Salvation Army water drive, which raised more than US$5,000 in 2023 in an unusually warm summer period. Additionally, ASM's collaboration with:


  • St. Mary’s food bank, a pioneering facility in Arizona, provided more than 9,000 meals to families in need.
  • The Arizona Sustainability Alliance, where we pledged US$240,000 over three years, primarily supporting urban forestry and tree planting initiatives. This partnership involves a hands-on commitment from our employees, who will actively participate in planting over 250 trees in local neighborhoods and parks.
  • The Nature Conservancy in Arizona, contributing to an innovative water-management program aimed at restoring the Verde River. This initiative seeks to enhance the river's long-term resilience, addressing key environmental concerns while benefiting community and wildlife.

Disaster relief for Turkey and Syria

ASM supported relief efforts for the catastrophic earthquakes that struck Turkey and Syria in February 2023, a disaster that claimed 59,000 lives and affected more than 20 million people. Upholding our 'We Care' value, we partnered with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) to extend help to the victims.


Demonstrating solidarity, our colleagues across ASM responded generously and ASM matched their donations. Together, ASM contributed €75,000 as a testament to our commitment to global humanitarian causes as a testament to our commitment to global humanitarian causes.

ASM in Singapore supports those in need 

In Singapore, ASM colleagues spearheaded a community-driven initiative, where 35 ASM colleagues volunteered at a pop-up food booth. The event was a gesture of support to the local community, allowing individuals in need to select essential items. Through their efforts, the team positively impacted more than 500 people across 14 divisions in the district. This initiative served to strengthen community ties as well as reinforce ASM's dedication to making a positive impact through collective action and compassion.

Technician Momhammed who volunteered at the event: It's always fulfilling to give back to our community. Taking part with my family and being part of a team that spreads smiles is truly rewarding.



At ASM, we are committed to upholding high standards in sustainability, labor and ethics practices.