All About ALD



Discover how we are enabling advanced atomic layer deposition (ALD) technologies for high volume manufacturing and in addition our solutions for Epitaxy, CVD, PECVD and Diffusion.

ASM is the leading supplier of atomic layer deposition (ALD) equipment and process solutions for the semiconductor industry. Our ALD process technology delivers the highest performance available to support the next generation of semiconductor devices. Our tools are running in the most advanced fabs worldwide including in volume manufacturing of 28nm devices.

ASM's innovative high productivity platforms offer a wide range of thermal ALD and Plasma enhanced ALD applications, including high-k metal gates, spacer dielectrics for double patterning, MIM capacitors, gate spacers, plus other ALD applications.


Our Puls​ar® XP ALD reactor helped to enable the switch to hafnium-based high-k dielectrics for transistor gates. Pulsar has been used in volume production for high-k gates since 2007 at the 45nm node and is now in production running 28nm generations. In cooperation with our customers and R&D partners, Pulsar is being used to achieve the performance requirements of 20nm and beyond transistor gates. The Pulsar reactor uses a proprietary solid source precursor delivery system, combined with cross flow gas distribution, which has proven its ability to achieve the industry's best film properties and transistor electrical performance.

The EmerALD® XP ALD reactor is enabling the critical metal gate electrode layers needed for high-k metal gates. By providing ALD processes for both high-k and metals, ASM is supporting our customers with the technology needed to advance transistor performance down to 20nm and beyond. EmerALD uses a showerhead reactor design that enables highly uniform ALD metal films that can be controlled to achieve precise gate performance requirements.

PEALD is a further, proprietary ALD advancement that enables improved film properties at lower temperatures and provides additional film property control. PEALD technology retains the key benefits of ALD, such as excellent conformality, thickness control and within wafer uniformity. ASM’s Eagle® XP8 tool delivers PEALD dielectric films with extremely high productivity for volume manufacturing by integrating up to 8 chambers in a small footprint. ASM is leading the industry in offering low CoO dielectric layers for double and quad patterning applications.

ASM also offers ALD solutions on our Advance® series vertical batch furnace for high performance at a low cost per wafer. The Advance system combines excellent temperature control with precise gas delivery to enable a wide range of batch ALD applications.


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