Corporate responsibility

ASM is a leading provider of deposition equipment and process solutions, primarily for the deposition of thin films. Our technology and innovations allow our customers to introduce electronic devices with better performance at lower power levels. These new technologies increase the quality of life for people everywhere, helping them to understand, create and share more. At the same time, we provide careers for skilled people in an environment committed to ethical working conditions for all. Our Management and employees take pride in being responsible corporate citizens. Together we are committed to further integrating Corporate responsibility into our business strategies at ASM and in our supply chain and reporting.


ASM is committed to the vision of ZERO HARM! This means we strive to prevent all incidents and injuries, reduce our environmental impact, and make positive contributions to society. Through technological innovation we help create value for society. We meet the expectations of our stakeholders by engaging with them on what matters to them. In 2020, ASM became a member of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) and is committed to its Code of Conduct and implementing it as our Supplier Code of Conduct.

We are passionate about making scientific breakthroughs but we don’t believe in innovation simply for the sake of innovation. We believe new discoveries are only truly valuable if they make a difference to peoples’ lives and society as a whole.

We provide leading-edge technologies that enable electronic devices to deliver superior performance while reducing their energy consumption. Adding more processing power to smaller and smaller devices means our customers can expand the use of smart technology into products that help improve the quality of life of people everywhere.

Corporate responsibility and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) are integral parts of us and our strategy. What it means in practice is that we are committed to creating added value for all our stakeholders while meeting our responsibilities towards the environment and society. We set high goals for ourselves.

Our greatest contribution to society is innovation that leads to faster computing, greater productivity and improves the energy efficiency of electronics. Our investments in research and development drive technological innovations. Our portfolio of products is an enabling technology for our customers, helping them to build faster, cheaper and more powerful semiconductors that bring greater opportunities for people to understand more, improve creativity and share more easily.


As a Regular Member of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), ASM fully supports the vision and goals of the RBA including the adoption, progressive advancement, and implementation of the RBA Code of Conduct. ASM has extended the adoption of the RBA Code of Conduct to its critical and strategic suppliers.


ASM is committed to making positive contributions to achieve ZERO HARM! to our people and planet.

Our commitment to ZERO HARM! aligns with our core value “Safety First and Everywhere” and our guiding principle “Drive Innovation, Deliver Excellence”.

We are committed to conducting business, both in our own operations and throughout our supply chain, in a manner consistent with the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) principles to protect our employees, customers, communities, shareholders and the environment.  

We strive to earn the trust of all stakeholders through responsible and ethical corporate practices.  

We are committed to an innovative framework during the design, manufacture, distribution and support of our products that meets or exceeds all applicable regulations in order to minimize environmental impact and to prevent occupational illness or injury.

We will establish objectives to improve our management systems, standards, culture and performance. We will conduct periodic reviews of our programs and performance and regularly and transparently update the world on our progress.


We strive to minimize our environmental impact on the world around us across all our operations. We are driving continuous improvement in our environmental performance through a global ISO14001 certification and a predetermined framework.
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ZERO HARM! Every one of our people is committed to this philosophy. We believe all injuries are preventable. We believe we can achieve a zero injury work environment with leadership and the help of all our people. Safety always comes first, every time, everywhere.
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We set and maintain high standards governing the way we conduct business. Standards that comprise corporate social responsibility and sound business ethics including compliance with all applicable national and international laws and regulations.
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We are committed to conducting our business according to ethical standards. These same ethics guide all our interactions with our customers, suppliers, competitors and the public. We strive to be trustworthy for everyone.
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We hold ourselves to high standards and expect the same from our suppliers.​ We are committed to driving our beliefs and the RBA principles throughout our supply chain.
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